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RE: Ruby Red and Gentilberry Green: A Fantastical Romance - Part XIV

in #fiction6 years ago

Charming! The little sand people scurrying about in the castle - then Anne's realization that "not only was Necristo building an impossible sandcastle, but that the sand was also his creation, as was the sun, and the sea, and the sky. The thought was vaguely vexing."
In Part One, I didn't like her at all; I've come to like her better, though she reminds me a wee bit of the crass Daisy of Tarantino's "Hateful Eight" movie. Aunt Mattie (whichever one is really her) is full of intrigue, as is Necristo, of course. White skin, red eyes, eww, yet you bring him to life in a way that we can't help but like.


Thank you very much! Yes, Anne is a bit prickly, but I really do like her, and I'm glad she's less grating now -haven't seen The Hateful Eight myself. Also, mystery under mystery with the other two. Maybe with time, I'll be able to unpeel them both.

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