91 Days, Day 0

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Over the past few months, I've become obsessed with one of my favorite authors, Chris Fox. He has a YouTube series titled, 12 Weeks to a Trilogy. I've decided to allot myself 13 weeks or 91 days to finally accomplish my goal of publishing a three books. This series of videos will be shot over the next 91 days to document my progress and to keep myself accountable. I look forward to the journey.

The following is the transcription of this video:

Good afternoon. Today is day zero and I am BigPanda.

You may wonder what day zero means and I want to tell you just a minute, but first of all I want to read a quote by a man named Philip Chesterfield. He said the following: “Aim at perfection in everything, though in most things it is unattainable; however, they who aim at it, and persevere, will come much nearer to it, then those whose laziness and despondency make them give it up as unattainable.”

The past several months I feel like I've been struggling a little bit in progressing with my goals and recently I was watching one of my favorite author trainers Chris Fox he has a series on YouTube called 12 weeks to a trilogy and I began to think. “Is it possible for me to write three books in 12 weeks?”

I watched the full series by Chris Fox and he did it and it was an amazing accomplishment. Then, just a couple of days ago I was reading a book by one of my favorite authors. The book is by Michael Moorcock. Death is no obstacle and what it is a series of interviews that he gave. And in the book he talks about how he would outline a book and then begin writing and typically would finish the book in three days, meaning he was writing 15 to 20,000 words a day, which when you consider makes Chris Fox's accomplishments seem almost small, but then I was looking at my own production and in the past three years I've published three different books as well as one novella and it makes my production seem tiny and so I decided to do two things in the next 91 days.

First of all I'm going to finish my trilogy, the Nypsium Wars. I wrote the novella two years ago. I think it's one of my best pieces and I have been fiddling with the first book in the series for the past six months. In the next 91 days. I'm going to write the entire trilogy.

The other thing I'm going to accomplish in the next 91 days as I am going to drop 39 pounds. I've been struggling with my weight for over 10 years. It consumes an inordinate amount of time and energy thinking about it. Trying to figure out how to fix it.

I have a plan in place to achieve both these goals for the next 91 days. Each day I will shoot a short video and I will tell you what I've accomplished the previous day and what I plan to accomplish that day I will shoot these videos at minimum five days a week and I'll post them here on DTube as a record of what I'm doing and what I've accomplished.

Because I sincerely think if I don't set these hard sounding goals, I will never achieve my plan to achieve this year. And so, with your help and encouragement. I plan on doing the following.

In the next 91 days. Finish the trilogy. Second, drop 39 pounds.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you both the ups and downs, the struggles heartaches, successes, and joys.

Thanks again

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Hey, good luck with the challenge. I haven't self published in some time but belong to several Facebook groups (which I also have not logged onto in quite some time). I want to say he was in the group "20 Books to 50K" II am a member of, that was started by another phenomenon, Michael Anderle. If you are not in that group, I highly recommend it. Anderle was on fire when I bowed out, some of his proteges breaking ground that no one considered possible.


I am definitely part of the 20 Books to 50K--I think Anderle was who ultimately led me to start following Chris Fox on YouTube--He has some great videos for authors.

I don't get on Facebook much but I have found several posts by people in the 20Booksto50K group that have been instrumental in helping me plan this challenge. Good stuff there as long as you are willing to sort through the chaff.

Dtube kept stopping I will try it again later, nice to see you back on steemit.


Hahahah, I love this picture. How did you do it? It makes me feel cool for some reason. I have been struggling with Steemit and DTube all day--I feel almost like there is DDoS attack or something. Thanks for stopping by @steveuk


I did it on Gimp with an extension, its the Andy Wahol design.

IIt is a pleasure to see what you are investing your time, you are appreciated and strange enough your stories, Happy day friend

This is a real challenge.

I'm with you, my friend, all the way!

this great writing I appreciate your creative thanks for sharing this dtub.. best of luck..

I think your approach is right. The steemit community seems like a great place to help nourish your challenge. Your account was one of the first I followed when I joined steemit and I'm rooting for you!

amazing photography..and you create a great post,,,i like it...

thank you for sharing @bigpanda, you smart people can write a book that has a good story @jhoni happy to follow you and your voice, like friend @rizasukma, has become your close friend.

It's so great, @bigpanda, that you have set up targets to hit with your goals! Just doing that sets you apart! 😁

Good luck with your goals and what you want to achieve :)

Good luck on your journey. Keep us updated. You have encouraged me. My book is sitting here saying "see..getter done!!"
Thanks for sharing this @bigpanda