Fiction Workshop comic 1/3

in fiction •  2 years ago



Join the Steemit Fiction trail at @sft and Streemian

Come see the rest of us at the Fiction Workshop room on the @minnowsupport channel on Discord. Moderated by @rhondak

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This may well be the funniest one yet. I just had a total meltdown in the workshop. Tried to paste a contest link, and pasted right back to the person who sent it. Complete shutdown. Could not function. I don't know when I ever laughed so hard. Third frame down--the bunny's face--OMG. Just...OMG. You are a genius.


This one makes me chuckle but the next one makes me laugh.


Oh, yes. Out loud, and for a loooonnnnng time. type now....

Funniest shtuff i've seen in a long time! Here I am laughing at 2:00 am, risking waking up my 5-year-old and knowing it's completely worth it. Oh and your comment in chat @andrewgenaille ....just...thank you for being you ...that's all i gotta say.

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