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I am the weapon.

Yes. Why, yes it did. I was there.

OMG This is hysterical.

I gotta get out more.

Yes, this is a fairly accurate portrayal of events.

HAHAHAHAHA What about the lobster?


I may have missed the lobster part? But definitely want to know more. What happened with the lobster?


It was a killer lobster hahaha , a special type of lobster that was used on a short story published not long ago

I can confirm this did in fact happen, but French bread! C'mon give me a good old fashioned English muffin any day.

Definitely sounds like a group that encourages creativity. I enjoyed myself on my brief visit last night.

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I love the Fiction Workshop. I think I'll make a "Get this man a..." Putin meme for my upvotes, because this definitely deserved my 100%.