What’s the meaning of fiat?!

in fiat •  5 months ago


So, out of boredom, I’ve decided to take a quick sneak peek at the word ‘fiat’ for its meaning. I thought it’s quite entertaining how google and wikipedia explains ‘fiat.’

A piece of nothingness into something because they said so. Hmmm, very interesting! All three definitions have the word ‘government’ in it. Very interesting...,




So, when some smart ass dinasour yell from the top of his lungs that bitcoin or cryptos have no intrinsic value; throw those old farts the google and wikipedia definition of the fiat and a dash of sand in their already blinded eyes. And, if you really want to; flip them a bird or two.

That’s my nonsensical for this Thursday evening. What’s your take?! Have a wonderful evening, Steemians!


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