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Getting down there, and Old Man Winter refuses to let go of his grip. No mater how much we put in storage, it's never enough to get us to the next harvest. A month from know we'll be back to eating Jolly Green Giant Vegetables.

In the top tray of the freezer is basically what we grew and harvested, except for the corn.
A pesto my wife made from some of the herbs she grew, is covered by a portion of the date in the pic. The other items in the photo are beats, carrots, green beans, corn, blueberries, and some raspberry vinaigrette, also homemade.

The blueberry stash is looking pretty healthy, maybe 10 lbs. left from the 44 lbs. we were able to pic. 😊
3 carrots and 1 green bean, not looking good. 😢


Blanched 10 dozen ears of corn, down to 5 ears and about 15 pkg. of nibblets. 😢


8 pkg of beets. 😢😢😢
No, the Thomas English Muffins we didn't grow
Just a side bar, how's your crypto? Things looking up a little, maybe the bottom is in. 🤷‍♀️


Maple Syrup, bottled around 2.5 gallons this season. That will give us plenty to spread around a little. @dandays and @puravidaville, if you ever get back to the states, you got some.

IMG_2557 (1).JPG

Boy am I ready to get outside and get busy. If your interested, the next couple of photos are where we spend a lot of the time in the spring and summer. These are some of our favorite places to hobitize, our gardens.
Hop gardens.


They are already reaching for the sky.As soon as possible we need to cut away the old growth and string new lines.
Potato bed and onion box at the far end. Potatoes and onions, long ago consumed. 😢

Boxes for cabbage, squash, and peppers.


Main part of garden, raised boxes, they're great for the back.😊


We grow the beets, carrots, tomatoes, and bush beans in these.


Pole bean bed

To the left of the walkway, is the bed for growing the climbing peas. Not too many of those make it to the freezer!

Alongside of the gardens are our 5 in one apple trees.
IMG_2436 (1).JPG
Cucumber bed, this area of our main garden are still saturated.
IMG_2439 (1).JPG
In this raised bed we grow many of our spices, the Chives and Garlic have defied Old Man Winter.

With a little bit of cooperation from Mother Nature, it will not be long before Spring is truly in the air. 😁😁😁










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This is so cool!!! I’m jealous of all of the garden you guys have. That maple syrup just puts you over the top though. I would seriously kill for a bottle of that. You can’t get anything remotely close to that down here. It’s all fake corn syrup crap that was big when I was growing up. Can’t wait to see your garden in a few months. Happy food fight @thebigsweed!

Thanks for the wonderful feedback. The Maple Syrup is truly delicious, and I would like nothing more than to be able to share it with you guys. The one aspect we enjoy the most about making the syrup is turning other people onto it. We will gladly keep you updated on our progress of our garden as it comes along. We are thinking about adding a couple of new crops this year, one of which will be asparagus, an all time favorite. We have grown them in the past and they take a couple of years to really get established, but after that they produce like crazy.

Oooohhh, yum! Asparagus is one of my favorites. Growing your own food is such a powerful thing. Next time we are in your neck of the woods we are stopping by for some of that syrup though. I imagen it’s an expensive treat to turn your folks onto. Now I’m in the mood for pancakes… dang it @thebigsweed, you’re killing me. Haha

oh man, planting time just around the corner YEAH !

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Who said anything about a jar? I want the whole tree!!

That was a fun tour, @thebigsweed and it’s so nice to see you posting again. The green beans that don’t make it to the freezer, why is that—they get eaten directly out of the garden?

Mark my words, sir, we will have a bottle of that syrup, question: do you guys do Florida like that every year? May is actually my favorite time to be in Florida—you get all of the thunder and lightning storms. Last year when I was there, I recorded some thunder and got 11 strikes in under 1 minute. Tampa Bay is my favorite part of Florida, the sea on the gulf side is surprisingly warm. And, any beach named “Clearwater,” well... you know the rest!

So, your turn, sir—is the Florida trip an annual one or no? Can you tell I visit Florida regularly? Does it sound like I’m suggesting bringing a few jars with you next year? 😉

Always a pleasure hanging out with you, Sweed, I hope you and yours have an excellent weekend—the best one of the year!

I'm not sure what the shipping cost would be to send you a Sugar Maple tree, but I do believe FedEx should be able to handle it.
Florida seems to be in the picture for years to come as @farm-mom loves the warm weather, beaches and visiting with best friend and sister who both live on the west coast. I must admit, although I'm more of a mountain man kind of guy, I also had a great time. This was the second year we have spent some time in Florida. Getting out of some of the really cold and snowy weather that we have here in Upstate was very relaxing.
Maple Syrup does travel very well, as it needs no refrigeration. Just as long as we don't bring it into the

when we stop for breakfest, we may be able to make it there with some.

Have a great weekend also, and I forgot to congratulate @puravidaville on the rather nice up-votes she received on this weeks entry in #fff.
You guys are killing it, and rightly so.
Good things happen to good people.

Dude, thanks so much for noticing Pura Vida’s reward! She killed it!! “Ka’pow!” I ish you not, I’m more excited about it than she is, can you tell, no? 🤔 Watch this... You rock, @ocd! @blocktrades!

Ahh yeeeaaah! Waffle House, we were last at one in South Carolina—that would’ve been 2n1/2 years ago. I’m a big fan of Yelawolf, he even mentions Waffle House in this track called Daddy’s Lambo.

Wanna know something? Should Pura Vida and I discover the entire globe is full of people like these native Costa Rican’s, we’ll go somewhere where at least we can understand them when they’re robbing us. I’m willing to experiment 10 countries—we’ll see what happens next, God willing, of course! I wouldn’t mind giving each of them a 1/2 year or so, I think that’s long enough. My point is, should I continue to be disappointed with humanity abroad, shortly after #10 will be Clearwater.

You know what I loved most about that Waffle House in SC? The waitress who played Aretha in the jukebox and sung every wOrd to every song the entire time we ate—it was awesome!

@dandays, if you ever make it back to the states I've got a feeling that we would be able to hook-up.

Stay safe, where ever your travels bring you!

My friend, we’re giving ourselves plenty of ample time to get our feel for this globe. Some call it a 5 year plan, I’m calling 10. One continent and land area at a time, Costa Rica has already shrunken at an alarming rate—that didn’t take long at all!

What’s my point, you ask? Well, my point is, should the entire globe shrink at the same rate and, I find myself equally disgusted with humanity as we make our travels, we’ll be back in the states in no time!!

At least in the states I know the name of every.single.hand in my pocket, I know their M/O and I can anticipate them stealing from me by the smile on their face. The bigger the grin—the more they want. This country, however, not that way, Rob, disappointed is an understatement. The M/O around here is ‘don’t let’em see you stealing from them.’ Everywhere we go we’re marks—I’d really like to make New Years here but, at this rate, they can wipe their rectum with New Years, too, because I have no doubts it’s just a big celebration where locals identify which white guy to steal from. Even cops! It’s disgusting.

In an entire tropical land full of fruits and vegetables and these people don’t even make their own chili powder! Can you believe that?! Chile’s growing out of cracks in concrete, no chili powder, but the lady across the street knows how to teach her infant how to distract the White guy while mom steals directly from his front pocket.

Doesn't sound like the kind of place where you would want to hang your boots. From the sound of it, this will be the first stop of many, and I fully expect that you guys will find a place of your liking.
Good luck with this ongoing adventure. Back in the day when I was first married, we went cross-country for 10 weeks. For us this was an adventure of a life time. I can only imagine, despite the short comings of the people you have run into, what a thrill traveling like this is.
Stay Safe!

Hey, @thebigsweed.

That's quite the production you got there. I really like the beds that are off the ground. It just seems like they would easier to weed and take care of. Do you rake through it? I usually till ours up but that would be possible with that, at least not with a larger tiller. :)

I guess you still are trying to get out of winter, but we're trying to wait out the rains. Had some flooding around the area—nothing really near us, but it took my wife 2 hours to make a 15 minute commute a few days ago to get to work.

Rate things are going, it will be May again before we're able to do much. You kind of pick your spots when the rains stop and the sun comes out. So far, that's not today. :)

The raised beds do save the back. We don't till the beds that are in the boxes. What we do is take one of the side boards off of every box and empty most of the dirt from each one. We then till all of the dirt at once and then refill the boxes. It takes about a day to complete this, but saves so much time down the road.
Another advantage to combining all of the dirt, and then tilling it is that eliminates the need to rotate the crops.
The raised boxes for the carrots are about 6 inches deeper than the other boxes, and were built to give the carrots plenty of room to grow.
It will probably be another couple of weeks before we can plant the cold weather vegetables and at least another 4 weeks before the remainder of the veggies can be planted.
Winter doesn't seem to want to take a break, this morning it is 28 degrees.
We have our seed potatoes chitting already and are ready to go, but it is suggested that they not be planted until the ground reaches 45 degrees. the ground is no longer frozen, but the night time temperatures are still too cold.
Happy gardening and I hope it stops raining by you guys.

Oh! Green growing things! Soon, my friend, soon!

Howdy sir bigsweed! good to see you're back! well, as impressive as your operation is, it looks like you're going to have to expand! lol.