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Thunder murmured a veiled but empty threat off in the distance while I sat typing this, listening to the heavy rain on the roof.

It’s probably not the best place to do this as I am now saturated and all that water can’t be good for my iPad...

I’m kidding!

I am in fact typing this while on my bed, safe from the elements doing their little dance outside, with an electric fan doing it’s best to combat the heat inside.

But I am not here to talk about today, I am here to talk about Thursday just gone, because it was time again for the monthly Adelaide Steem Meet Up at The Jade pub.

Bringing The Heat

Yesterday, the sky was both a dark blue and devoid of clouds. It’s something that I have gotten into the habit of noticing, largely because I can say “There’s not a cloud in the sky!” and mean it.

yuspxo.jpgBlue skies over Adelaide

It’s a this point that I should point out that if you were to read my entries regarding the Adelaide Steem Meet Ups you’d think that Adelaide was perpetually 40 degrees Celsius. I can assure that it isn’t. It just so happens that the last few have fallen on really hot days.

The image below doesn’t really add weight to my claim though, does it? Lol!

m27emn.jpgYes, that’s in Celcius

When you know there’s an Adelaide Steem Meet Up you don’t wait around, you get there fast!

t8jkld.jpgDon’t just stand there, Mo, get on your scooter and let’s go!

When I arrived at the pub, @mattclarke, @galenkp, @holoz0r and @ursa were already sitting inside talking and trying to escape the heat. I was encouraged to get myself an icy cool drink, an offer I gratefully accepted. Later we were joined by @lordnigel, @thatcrohnschick,@ctrpch, @minismallholding, and her two daughters @izzydawn, @svitlaangel and their boyfriends.

After a while, the music and our conversation were competing for dominance and we moved to the beer garden. In total, we had 13 people turn up.

a2uh95.jpgWhere the magic happens!

Steem meetings are great in the sense that because everyone has their own interests and focus, you can glean all sorts of useful hints and tips. Some are better at creating blog posts, so there’s advice there, or some might be homesteaders, or preppers, or programmers, or gamers, each with their own tips and points of view.

What unites us is the Steem block-chain.

We talk about the future of the block-chain and plans with the technology long before it emerges.
There’s the politics and discussing whether we are familiar with certain Steemians, recommending who to follow, and what services and content they produce. We encourage others to produce better content too while making the the whole thing light, friendly and jovial.

Someone ordered a whole heap of pizza and believe it or not, it was all eaten. I am far from innocent and ate my fair share. Chuckle.

q1hhsb.jpgJust don’t ask me how my diet is going...

It’s fair to say that the mood was lively and there was a renewed sense of enthusiasm regarding Steem. Personally, I found a new sense of focus and direction with my Steem account and have started making plans to see how I can make 2020 a brilliant year for myself and my followers along the way.

All too soon it was getting late and the meeting came to an end and we headed off to our various destinations.

After escorting @holoz0r and @ursa to their bus stop, @mattclarke and I went to the train station, with a quick detour through Rundle Mall, to once again prove we are Adelaide Steemians.

zyinyu.jpgGenuine Mallsballers

Anyway, I know this is a different sort of Food Fight Friday competition entry and I am rusty but I hope that you enjoyed it.

Good luck everyone and I’ll see you in the kitchen!

Shaidon’s Seal Of Approval

I really missed this. :)


Was great seeing everyone again - oh..think I can see my blue gym shirt in the background in one of those pics.

I tried to make it so that people weren't easily picked out to keep things a little anonymous. But it depends on who wants their photo taken and who doesn't.

All good mate - yeah I guess not everyone is keen for their photo and need to respect that (hehe doesn't seem to have bothered us :))

Great to see so many on such a warm evening. Fingers crossed February is a little more temperate.

I hope so too.

Was a good meet up, you have captured the vibe in this post @shaidon nice work.

Thank you. I hope that we can keep the meetings somewhat jovial and yet inclusive.
So many people that the conversation can split between groups, so I might have to start doing my thing of trying to talk to everyone for a few minutes at a time.

That is hot and I thought it was hot here in the 30s, but then we have the humidity to contend with as well!
Pizza I will eat any day! You really are fortunate to have such an active meetup group in your city!
Keep on steeming both in front of the ipad AND that hot sun, I can't wait for winter!

Yeah it’s a rare thing to have so many Steemians in the one place. I only hope that it grows from here.

Congrats! on your upvotes from the IBT Community

Not sure what the test was about but seems to have worked.

No worries - its v1 of the bot - I will change it so it doesn't drop the image and just give the upvote.
with v2 it will randomly drop the banner image (not meant to spam peoples comments :)). Cheers

This is a great #foodfight addition!!! Sometimes our best stuff comes out of nowhere and isn’t the template that everyone expects. I dig it. And that pizza, as ashamed as I am to admit this, looks freaking good. I don’t usually go for pizza but when I do, I order the DELUXE (inside joke between @dandays and I). Way to bring back “the community” feels. Happy food fight @shaidon!

Thank you once again. I’d been accused of talking BS by a rather wealthy Orca here, when I said my focus was on the community and they suggested that I burn all of my post rewards, etc. which I found ironic because they were in a power down at the time. It must be great to have that kind of wealth. Maybe one day.

I do know that the real key to success on this platform is engagement and helping to make people feel welcome here.

So, that is what my focus for this year on the platform will be.

That’s great. Not the orca comment but your mindset comment. It’s the small fish that are the heartbeat of anything so who cares what he thinks. Most people in any sort of power are subject to be corrupted one form or another. Putting the community first, I think, is admirable and I think more people should say what they think instead of cowering to the powers that be, that wouldn’t have any power at all if we all went away, now would they?!?

I have never understood why they choose to drive people away and destroy their investment.

Because big wallets don’t always equate to big brains 🤷🏼‍♀️

I am not sure what a deluxe pizza is, but I am assuming it’s similar to what we call a supreme.
I switch between vegetarian, supreme, and meat lovers. I don’t have any real strict food rules, outside the diabetes requirements and reading food labels to check the carbohydrate levels that is.

Things are a little tight financially right now, so it’s caused a bit of a re-think of everything.
But it’s allowed me focus a bit more on my bigger picture goals. It’d like to go dolphin before the end of the year, but I’d also like to have an overseas adventure along the way as well.

We’ll see what happens.

I vote for overseas adventure. That’s something you’ll never forget but Steemit could be gone tomorrow. Plus, the people who are active in the community seem to be the same people who were active when I was active several months ago. Go on a trip!!! Your soul will appreciate more.

And the deluxe is an order that drunk Pura has made over the phone at 1:30 am, which doesn’t exist. Haha. It’s a supreme I think. I don’t know, I was shit faced after a Grateful Dead concert and was huuungrryyy from all of IPA. Dandays said I tried to order EVERYTHING that could possibly be on the menu. We laugh about now.

Yeah that sounds great, the deluxe being an in-joke that you can use whenever you want to stir each other up. Overseas travel, as an Australian, was always outside of my financial reach. But I am looking at different options, possibly learning to teach English as a second language in Japan or South Korea. But I want to visit a few penpals I have known for a few decades in other countries.
Thank you for the encouragement.

Just FYI, I teach English too. It’s a great way to get some travel in and you learn so much from engulfing yourself in the culture. Japan can be more difficult to get in with but if you’re not picky where you are stationed then you should be fine. I think it’s such an adventurous career opportunity for anybody. Plus, Japan has a tendency to pay for lodging, which leaves you more money to travel on your days off. Good luck with the decision and I truly hope you end up taking a risk. Our biggest rewards sometimes come from our most insane risks. Go figure :)

It’s all pie-in-the-sky stuff for now, but I am looking at different options. I didn’t know you taught English. But I would really like to get out of the country for a while, earn some money, do some good and just live for once.

I do love that I can generate Steem from wherever I am in the world. There’s a freedom in that.
I just wish that people could see the true value of it.

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And I was just about to ask you how your diet was going! 😆

This was a fun read. Your blogging seems to be evolving nicely.

It’s the Food Fight Friday competition. It allows me to have some fun with it. There was a better version of this that was eaten by the eSteem d’app and then I found out that it saved it as a draft long after I submitted it.

Galenkp had some interesting tips too.

The challenge is to actually relax with it and bring out my real personality and humour.
Thank you for your support.

Yes, I think "be yourself" Is a good tip. I find it easier to do when writing, because you don't feel like anyone is judging you. Then once you press "post" Its too late to worry about it anyway. 😉

Chuckle. Yes. I think thought that often we build up a pretence of needing to match a particular branding or something similar but in reality it’s not really our true selves and I think the best writers and the best comedians are those that can relax into presenting their true selves in their work.

Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 80
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent
Food Coma
food coma pizza.gif
Good Luck
Have a

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I thought I have a look.and ask about your diet but let's skip that question.

I wonder how easy it is to meet strangers... might be you jave common but if you date online you jave the dating site in common. That doesn't mean people like you or there is a click.

I do not think.I would easily join a meeting. I am not that social and do not feel comfortable sitting in crowds and between loud talking people. Still, it was good to read this and get a picture of what it looked like.

Good luck on Steem.
!trdo 💕

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