Famous Festivals to include in your Rajasthan Tour

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Are you planning a family trip in the royal state of Rajasthan in India? Without a Rajasthan tour and travel guide, it’s not possible to satisfy your travel lust of the Royal state.

The dynamic culture of the city has several celebratory occasions that are celebrated by people of different religions.

Here are some famous festivals that you can plan your visit around:

Elephant Festival, Jaipur
Month: February/March
Duration: 1 Day

The Elephant Festival in Jaipur glorifies the majestic quadrupeds decorating them with brocade jackets, traditional jewellery, and turbans. Competitions like the elephant race, elephant tug-of-war, and elephant polo are common attractions.

Pushkar Fair, Pushkar
Month: October/November
Duration: 5 Days

Pushkar Fair is a five-day carnival that incorporates exhilarating activities like horse, camel and donkey race, Matka phod and longest mustache competition. The aura is that of sharing a vibrant cultural experience.

Jaipur Literature Festival, Jaipur
Month: January
Duration: 5 Days

For literary marvels, Jaipur Literature Festival presents famous and even dystopic authors for interactive sessions among themselves and their followers. There are debates, book-signing venues, and intellectual conversations, along with folk dances.

Summer Festival, Mt. Abu
Month: May
Duration: 3 Days

Commencing on Budhha Purnima, this festival is an enticing depiction of folk dances of Ghumar and Gair, ballads and Sham-e-Quawaalis. There are also sports like tug-of-war, skating, horse races and boat races.

Desert Festival, Jaisalmer
Month: February
Duration: 3 Days

Amidst the golden, dunes takes place the Desert Festival in its glory. Its uniqueness lies in its exoticism; the highlight of the festival is the selection of a Mr. Desert and an acrobat’s competition where gymnasts flaunt their skills on camelbacks. There are camel races, folk dances and snake charmers awaiting to captivate your attention.

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