I really enjoy Doug and Stacy (I'm a homestead homie, LOL!) and rarely miss their videos as they have excellent content!

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This drink sounds wonderful, I have to to try it! I like lemonaid anyway, but fermented with nutmeg, will really make it pop.

Stay healthy my friends!

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Very informative video. I am studying healthy foods and natural medicines. Thanks for sharing!

I have personally benefitted greatly from the implementation of what you've learned over the years. Thank you for taking an interest in natural health & changing how we live in accordance.

Only the best for my family!

I am glad she has mentored you! Herbals are best shared, LOL! :)

I am a fellow student! I have replaced all my medicines with Herbals, and I am better off now than when I began a decade ago! Doug and Stacy are a very good source for healthy food, and they are fun! I posted a video on Lacto Fermentation that is a very cohesive talk on the subject of fermented foods. I learned a lot of thing that tied separate study subjects together for me. Thanks for reading, and Stay Healthy!

You're getting close man. Almost 100 followers. Keep up the good work.

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@chirieleison Made 100, LOL! Finally got there!

Just keep posting...just keep posting...LOL! Trying. :)