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RE: Feminism... FOR MEN !

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Well put together and thought out post. The last two paragraphs are particular noteworthy.

On the FLIP SIDE, it's funny how we have to LABEL initiatives that look to essentially change existing LABELS. Irony.

It would probably help if people just stopped worrying what others thought and just "do you." That only would help loosen and shed labels for future generations.


I agree, it would be ridiculous to try to change the word. So often I am asked by people why not just be a humanist instead of a feminist. This kind of talk just belittles the feminist movement as if by getting rid of the 'F' word we could ever see progress for gender equality. If we were to stop talking about it, we would inevitably go backwards I believe.

Guess it's the same dilemma with BlackLivesMatter vs. AllLivesMatter. I personally think if everyone jumped on the latter than the labels start to meld and melt. Sometimes labels to unite actual divide, but then sometimes labels to progress do just that, create progress.

So many variables, so many opinions, so many points of view. The human emotion is certainly an enigma.

I'm trying to understand why this picture is here. Obviously this isn't you right? Sorry, your pov is different and I'm interested in a further elaboration on the message you are trying to convey here. It's unclear.