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Feeling a bit nostalgic this morning I downloaded a great album - of one of my heroes - to my Spotify app for offline listening.

It was Billy Joel time! While driving to work; While I was at work; While driving back home; While writing this post.

The first and only album I ever possessed of this guy, was Концерт. An super album with a live recording of his concert in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) many decades ago. Some other albums I still have on tape, copied from CDs I rented through a CD rental service that started their service in the late 80s having their shop around the corner from where I was living at that time. Through this rental service I learned a great number of lesser mainstream music, but I was also able to discover many albums of the cool, more mainstream artists.

It was through this rental service I discovered the early repertoire of this super artist!

The song "Piano Man" is a real classic and you probably know it. The other songs on the album are much less known, but darn good as well; my opinion of course :)

Billy Joel

Piano Man was Joel's second album, published in 1973; More than four decades ago; But still a great album! I'll for sure will leave it in my Spotify app for offline listening pleasure for the foreseeable future!

Lets Go BILLY!

Artist: Billy Joel
Album: Piano Man
Year: 1973
Country: USA

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Travelin' Prayer
Piano Man
Ain't No Crime
You're My Home
The Ballad Of Billy The Kid
Worse Comes To Worst
Stop In Nevada
If I Only Had The Words (To Tell You)
Somewhere Along The Line
Captain Jack

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Those minutes that you had where you relax and forget all the problems while listening to good music are magical I hope you have enjoyed them

Absolutely I had those monents! :) to be frank; I have them quite regularly. Hope you as well? A day without music is a day not lived!

Well, I personally, as you can know in Venezuela, the economy is not stable, so I have made Steemit my work and I always accompany music since it is my engine to keep going and be able to concentrate but if there are moments of relaxation where I look for generosity more quiet for example right now I'm listening to porcelain - Moby oh god what a masterful composition is this, I hope to see more works so yours to enjoy from Venezuela :D

Excelente Chamo!!! @edje

Thanks :)

Good post by musical Mr. @edje, amazing uploding post for you, conguralation !!!

Thanks :)

I really like your creativity in everyday life. by enjoying a nostalgic song when you want to travel for work. success continues for you