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This male Goldfinch was doing its darndest to figure out how to get to the Sunflower seeds. It was quite comical to watch and even more fun to photograph. He was really perplexed and kept flying from the top of the sunflower to the branches. I was smiling the whole time watching the bird contemplate his next move. Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

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Finally, he decided it was too much work and flew to the other garden to feast on a red Zinnia. Too funny!

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#FeatheredFriday is opening the doors to all kinds of birds thanks to @melind010100 Share your photos of your feathered friends for us all to enjoy.

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Until next time, this is Sunscape...

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One beautiful bird...

They sure are Mike! Have a great weekend. Are you feeling better?

Yes but still not my self.. How about you are you ready for the Olympics ?

OH Hell Yeah! I can make it down the street now past 4 houses..... I am on a roll now. I sure hope you get back to yourself soon. xoxo

Poor thing! You could put some seeds on a plate for her!

The funny thing is there are plenty on the ground below the birdfeeder behind him.

Another week or two and everyone will have a sunflower feast at your house! Great photos! Thanks for posting to #featheredfriday!

Hi Melinda, you are so right! The sunflowers are full of seeds and I have already cut some to lay on the ground. Have a great weekend.

Is there a variety that might do well growing in pots on my deck? I think I have a spot that would be sunny enough for them.
It's a rainy weekend here, so far.

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