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Чирик-привет, my dear friends!

City pigeons ...
Everyone has their own opinion about their presence in the cities.
There are ardent opponents, there are those who treat them with serenity and wisdom, and there are fans of pigeons. In our courtyards there are all three types of people. And a lot of pigeons.
I do not think that food from the garbage is a suitable option for them. If I have bread and cereals, I will surely fill them with them.

Текст на русском можно прочитать и ещё больше фото посмотреть в моём блоге


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They really are such beautiful birds! All the different colors of their feathers are rather amazing. !Tip

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Lovely photos! welcome to Feathered Friday! Voted and resteemed :-)

Thank you, @keithboone, for your attention to my post and for your interesting tag-topic!

Not a subject that many people rush to take photos of! But I like it! I used to hate pigeons (probably because every else around me did) but now I appreciate there presence. They are part of the earth's life cycle

Yes you are right. Plain pigeons are as much a part of the world as the beautiful swans, watchful eagles and we are humans.

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