Sandhill Cranes 🐦 Feathered Friday

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During the summer months
Sandhill cranes can be spotted
in Alaska along the Kenai flats.


The many different marsh
grasses make for quite a show
in the late summer breeze.


They come here to breed.
Migration map and other info


Do you see the little Sandpiper?

Some effects made
with Lunapic

Double clicking the
photos enlarges them
to see better.



#featheredfriday by @melinda010100

Feathered Friday
More information can be
found here • Humming Birds!


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Photos & words by @shasta Sept 19th 2019 10:47 PM O'rock Alaska

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Beautiful photos of the marh wildlife!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thank you, it's nice when there are some
critters in the landscape, a lot of times it
is empty. Most have left now for warmer
climes! :-)

What a gorgeous photo! I love seeing the Sandhills and hearing them when they fly overhead. Do yours migrate across the Bering Straight or do they go south like ours do? Thanks for posting to #featheredfriday

Thank you very much @melinda010100! I think most the
ones we see fly up from the lower 48. Not sure about western Alaska.
Glad you seen those doves on that other post! :-)

I see the sandpiper!

Awesome eyes! :-)

I see the little Sandpiper! Great photos @shasta and this area looks a lot like the Assateague area here in Maryland except I didn't see any birds like these there. I did see a pelican but it was flying and no such luck for me to get a photo of 😉

Thank you so much @deerjay! Good eyes! Oh I've
never seen a pelican that I know of lol. I would love to the
Assateague, Chincoteague area and all those ponies! :-)

You are welcome @shasta! I was at Assateague last weekend and only saw 2 ponies..only got a photo of one but lots of photos of that 😉

It's so nice to see these birds by the lake, it's very refreshing.

Thank you! They are here for such a short time, already gone now! :-)

Those are great shots! I have never seen a sandhill crane on the ground. I just see them circling overhead. They are stunning birds!

Thank you @goat-girlz! They must have some secret place
to land somewhere near you? :-)

I'm sure they have a place they like to hang out, like a group of rowdy teenagers, but they are keeping it a very good secret. Probably behind the 7-11.