Feathered Friday: Ravens

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Welcome to Feathered Friday hosted by the helpful and generous @melinda010100. Check her post Here for more info.

As the cooler autumn weather is settling in, the ravens have started visiting the back yard each morning to see what might be put outside for them to eat. They will eat some and hide some food for later. They walk around the yard checking under grass to see where the blue jays have hidden food.

I hadn’t seen much of them throughout the summer as there has been lots to eat with berries and other fruits available for them.


The ravens that come around now are shy and will take off if I am too close. For years there was a big raven that would wait for me to toss out some food for him but I haven’t seen him lately.


A beautiful raven with his glossy black plumage.


Through the ages the raven has been associated with mystery, magic and divination. They are often thought to be able to bring messages from a departed one or forewarn of a death. I know they can come into your dreams to bring a message or forewarning- that is a true story for another time.

Ravens are often portrayed in stories or movies of the supernatural.

In biblical accounts, the dove is mostly mentioned but the raven was the first bird that Noah sent out from the ark. The raven didn’t return therefore it was thought he found food but Noah still didn’t know how much land was free of flood waters. Then the dove was sent out and returned with a branch and Noah figured the earth was coming back to normal and there must be dry land somewhere.




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Such handsome birds! Love that you are seeing them again and are able to get a few photos to share with us! Thanks for posting them to #featheredfriday!

Thanks Melinda @melinda010100. I’m happy to see them again. 😊

It's always fun to see the changes that mother nature brings with each new season.

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Nice photography ravens with Autumn weather season.

Thanks @kamrunnahar. 😊

Thanks for your informative post on ravens Redheadpei. We have crows on this side of the world and I wonder if the crow brings messages from the recently departed too. Marley bulldog left the world late afternoon yesterday and today a crow flew across our car this morning. At the time I intuitively thought of our precious little dog. It was such a hard goodbye for Ben and I. I am so sad and teary today. ☹️

I’m so sorry Angie. I know how you feel with the loss of Marley. 💕 😢

Yes, crows are known to carry messages from the departed. I think it was letting you know Marley’s spirit is ok since his passing. Marley knows how much you love him.

Blessing my dear friend! 🙏

We don't have ravens over here Lady Jo, but they are indeed lovely birds.
I think that most of the bad stories stemmed from that non returning raven to the ark Lol

Haha Sir Stephen. Not returning to the ark would give a bad rap to the raven. Looks like he is a selfish bird and wanted to get away from the ark which would have smelled pretty foul with the droppings from all the animals. 😂


Exactly my own thoughts Lady Jo.

Great shots:) Ravens cad be found a lot in the Greek Mythology also. Always as messengers of dark news.

Thanks @georgeboya. Yes, they are the subject of much scary superstitions and myths. 😊

I really like that last picture of the raven on the rock!

Thanks WW @wwwiebe. They are quite the beautiful looking bird with the shiny black coat of feathers.

They are so beautiful in the sunlight their glossy black shimmers, lovely photography @redheadpei

Thanks Joan! They really are beautiful birds. 😊

There's a special place in my heart for crows and ravens, @redheadpei - they are such amazing creatures, and you got some wonderful captures! Thanks so much for sharing their beauty! 😊

Thank you Traci for stopping by and your kind remarks. 😊

Howdy redheadpei! What great birds and I guess they stay around all winter?