Little birds for #featheredfriday

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One of the reasons for skipping a #featheredfriday was actually taking photos of the challenge subjects... birds! Finally scratched a long due visit to friends in the countryside from my to-do list, and the result was a great weekend, and birdwatching!

I confess, not that many great photos as I would like, but still, I able to see and take decent photos from a few of the little guys. You know, those little birds that mostly go unnoticed, but when you look closer, are really cute! As this female stonechat:


Stonechat / Cartaxo comum (PT) - Saxicola torquata, female

I think she even arranged her feathers when she saw she was being photographed!


But not only stonechats decided to appear in our birwatching tour. A few minutes later, one that is a lot more heard than seen, but still, not shy at all.


Corn bunting / Trigueirão (PT) - Emberiza calandra

Hard to reproduce here, but corn buntings have a very distinctive souund, starting slowly and finishing with a burst. Once you hear them a couple of times, you'll know!


And even when we had enough of birdwatching and decided to fill our bellies with the great cuisine of Alentejo... still the little guys decided to appear. Feasting in the tree above our table...


European goldfinch / Pintassilgo (PT) - Carduelis carduelis

An european goldfinch, a definetely not shy bird, that we can see in the big cities as well!


And that's it for this #featheredfriday! Happy birding!


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Small birds always up and down making it difficult to get a good capture, well done!

True! Fortunately, these ones collaborated 😁

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Lindas fotos. Como eu gostaria de dominar a arte de fotografar.

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Obrigado @pataty69!

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A wonderful selection of cute little birds @pardinus How did you manage to get them to perch on those posts for you? That was a great achievement. 😊

A few of them, especially the stonechat, have a tendency to perch on a high isolated location, so they're easy to spot! And being inside a car does help! I think birds perceive the vehicle as.a whole and are less suspicious of them than humans, so they allow us to get close. Ah... and a 50x optical zoom on my bridge camera sure helps! 😉

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So fluffy and cute!


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That stonechat is lovely and is one that I have not seen before!

They're easy to spot! They almost always perch more or less isolated and on top of.something, and their sound is easy to identify! Once you get the hang of it... you'll see them a.lot.more! 😉

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First I will have to travel to Portugal! They don't live here.

Done deal! If you visit, I'll show you the stonechats! ;)