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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #featheredfriday with
thanks to @melinda010100

Mallard Duck

I usually try and get a close up of one individual animal, but after
seeing @keithboone terrific action shots I have been trying to
capture movement more.
I scared these mallards unintentionally and caught .....

DSC_1146 (4).JPG
them in flight.
These are all males, due to the green head.
Both sexes have the blue “speculum” patch in the wing.
DSC_1146 (2).JPG

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I think it is awesome that you caught them in flight @karbon! It sure isn't easy (at least for me..lol). 🙂

Thank you, no it's not easy, I just point and keep shooting, and hope I get a good one...lol

You are welcome @karbon! Lol...sounds familiar! 😉

Nicely done! I wonder where all the girls are? Thanks for posting to #featheredfriday!

Thank you... I was thinking the same, and yesterday I saw a group of girls together in an inlet and no boys....

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Must be life-ing classes for girls and for boys. Obviously there would be different things they would need to know! 😀

Those are amazing shots! I love the blurry wings.

Thanks! More luck then anything...

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Its really nice shots of flying birds in the sky.

Thank you, I like capturing the blurry wings

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I wonder where all the females are? Really good shots sir Karbon!