A Couple Of Ducks At The Loch

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For #featheredfriday, I thought I would share a few photos of a couple of mallard ducks.



I took these photos last month at Loch Raven Reservoir in Baltimore County, Maryland.


I've seen mallard ducks and geese at the Loch on every visit. Sometimes the ducks will just be flying over and I'm not able to get a good photo of them so I like when they are swimming nearby or walking/napping by the waters edge.



The male mallard duck is called a drake and the female is a duck or hen. They can live up to ten years in the wild.



They eat insects, aquatic vegetation, seeds, mollusks and small fish just to name a few and most of these are in the waters of Loch Raven. I know some people may like to feed them bread but it is really not good for them. Bread can cause them to be obese and cause malnutrition. However, you can feed them duck pellets (which you can get from a feed store or online), corn, seeds and small pieces of greens.



I know what you're thinking....my post says a couple of mallard ducks... and here is the second one now.


Both of these ducks swam together off and on during my visit. I got a little laugh how the one had the piece of grass on her bill for a while...lol. 😊


Thank you @melinda010100 for #featheredfriday!!





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That's nice photos of those mallards. I hope you didn't forget to pay the models with some breadcrumbs.

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Thank you @ljungbuske! Better to pay them with corn. 🌽 😉

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Thank you so much @pixresteemer!! 💖

Awesome shots I love the detail and reflections :)

Have a great weekend

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Thank you so much @trendotoken!! Thanks again to @tattoodjay also!! 😊

Thank you so much @tattoodjay!! I hope you had a great weekend as well!! 🙂

Yes its been a god weekend for me thanks :)

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Thank you @esteemapp!! :)

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Thank you so much @jzn and PhotoStreem!! 💖

These are cool photos. I enjoyed viewing each of them. You took photos really well. Must be really fun.

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Thank you so much @roger5120!! It was a fun visit and always more fun when the ducks come close enough to photograph. 😉

Yw. Yes, I know what you mean. I do sometimes and it is fun, indeed.

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Nice couple, I love your photos Dee. Never knew that the female duck can be called hen. I thought hen is only for the chicken. Now I learned something new. Oh, yes and drake. That is a good word for scrabble 😀

Thank you so much Neli!! I use to love playing scrabble and, yes, that would be a great word to use in scrabble. 😉

Lovely photos of the ducks, Dee and you captured fab reflections in the water. 😊 🦆

Thank you so much Jo!! I'm glad the water was calm and the reflections showed up well. 🙂

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Awesome!! Thank you so much @qurator Team!! 😊

Excellent, informative post and images! @deerjay

Sadly, I was one of the guilty people & parents who fed ducks bread for more decades than I want to admit. Only last year did I read Learabout the harmful effects, including "angel wing." Its explained in the image below:


Sorry for all the years of feeding bread to you, ducks!🦆🦆🦆

Lastly I think that (unless it's already a family thing), seeing ducks floating and swimming across water are the inspiration for many children wanting to learn how to swim.

Thank you so much @ninahaskin!! Sadly, I was guilty also but we didn't know back then.
I can see where that would inspire some youngsters to learn to swim! 🦆 🙂 💕

I don't feel quite as bad knowing we only bought whole grain and wheat bread. At least the fowl got some fiber and nutrients! @deerjay

Lovely photos and great information to go with them! I love the reflections, too. I always keep bags of frozen vegetables on hand to warm up to feed them if they are hungry enough to stop by my bird feeder in the winter. They seem to love peas! 😀

Thank you @melinda010100!! I read that peas are good to feed them too. It is good to know that they love them and that you look out for them during the winter! 🙂

You have taken beautiful shots of ducks.

Thanks so much @coolguy222!! :)

You r welcome.