Feathered Friday at Grant's Farm

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On a beautiful fall day, it was my pleasure to tour the grounds at Grant's Farm and I'm devoting this post to the feathered creatures that make their home here.

This colorful fellow was just getting ready to put on a show with one of the handlers. The macaw is one of the most beautiful birds in nature. They can live over 50 years in captivity and they can actually fly at a high rate of speed. They practice monogamy and both the mama and papa raise their young together. Too bad more humans don't do the same!

This guy is perched on the handler's gloved hand while she gives an educational talk about him. Owls are carnivores and a single barn owl can eat up to 1,000 mice in a year. Very handy to have around the farm. A group of owls is called a parliament and baby owls are called owlets. An owl cannot move his eyes from side to side but instead, his whole head swivels 270 degrees (not quite all the way around like the girl on the Exorcist!)

I couldn't resist getting a shot of classic flamingo pose of standing on one leg. This species is called "Lesser Flamingo". I'm glad they can't read because that's kind of an ego-deflating name! But they are the most numerous flamingos in the world and they date back 10 million years. They're the smallest of the flamingos and they talk to each other by flapping their wings.

These two female peacocks seem to have the run of the place, going wherever they please. It must be time to get the mower out and do some work. The man of the house is ignoring them as they try to get him to come and help!

While peacock is the commonly known name for these birds, the male is termed the peacock and the female is termed the peahen and together the species is known as peafowl. Unlike the macaw, who is faithful to one mate, the peacock often gathers a harem of females and each one will lay from three to five eggs. A group of wild peafowl that gathers together is called a "party". Seeing a trend here - male with a harem - gathers in groups - party?

I'm still working on trying to identify the big one standing upright on the shore of the duck pond!

All photos were taken by me with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


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Nice feathers today, I haven't seen a peacock for ages!

Thanks @joelai - too bad he wasn't showing off his tail feathers for a really nice shot.

Oh yes, that would be so wonderful!

Love it! Good to know the Peacocks know how to have a "party", lol Such beautiful birds, what a great place to visit. love this bird info, always fun to learn new bird facts

@birdsinparadise - thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you learned something new, it was fun doing the research on each one.

haha! howdy blueeyes8960! I think the last one is the Creature From The Black Lagoon! This is a wonderful post, love the great photos of so many beautiful birds.

@janton - I think you're right - Creature From the Black Lagoon! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

What a beautiful round of birds, each unique and beautiful as the next Tammy.

@joanstewart - thank you!

Wonderful photos of a great assortment of birds! I can't help with identifying the really big one down by the pond!😂. !Tip

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So cool. I did not know a flock of owls was called a parliament. And I laughed out loud about the concern that the lesser flamingoes would be offended by what they are called!

@jayna - thanks for laughing at my attempted humor!

Owls are awesome birds and great hunters. When they fly, they fly in complete silence. And let's not forget they are wise. :) The creature from the black lagoon seems to have had something happen to him that turned his head yellow!