Listen to the Kookaburras laughing ........... (My Feathered Friday contribution lovely @melinda010100)

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I wrote a post about Kookaburras 2 months ago source, giving lots of information about these amazing birds.

But I realised when chatting with @janton that I did not post their most spectacular attribute, the laughing. They do not sing like other birds, they throw their heads back and laugh. Maybe some people might even think that they are a peculiar looking birds. Maybe they are not wrong!

I love hearing Kookaburras laughing, It is reportedly said the laughing at different times of the day is sending us messages like, sending morning greetings, rain is coming, the woman of the house is pregnant etc. This could come from Aboriginal folklore.

(Thank you youtube)

Cheers and Blessings



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That is so cool! They rather remind of our Loons. Ours are waterbirds that have a rather laughing sound.
These are so great! They make me want to laugh along with them!
Thanks for posting them to #featheredfriday

How really interesting Melinda that you a bird that laughs too. I do not know Loons.

Loons are beautiful birds, and I love to hear their call, but your kookaburras have a much funnier laugh!

One of the great joys of living in Oz, especially if you live near a creek or river

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You must hear the birds all the time including our wonderful Kookaburras.

That we do!

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Howdy angiemitchell! Oh my gosh those birds are so distinctive in their sounds! They really are laughing like crazy. lol. They seem pretty tame too. Thanks so much for posting this for us angiemitchell!

Hahaha, you are welcome janton, you have to hear the laughing to believe it. These birds, like magpies, butcher birds and willywag tails know where to get a feed.

But those guys don't come to your backyard do they? The Kookaburra's?

No, but I have seen them sitting on people's clotheslines waiting to be fed.

That seems to be a common trait among birds, waitin around to be fed! Except some are more demanding than others!

Oh my gosh how true is that janton. Willywag Tails take the cake in this department!

Yes, I thought I remembered that about them Willywag Tails! lol. What a great name.

Angie, I would love to have those laughing birds living here. Love the folklore associated with the laughter.

I wish you could redheadpei, they brighten up the garden and our lives.

I love how they sound and don't love how they steal food XD

And who would take on that hard dangerous beak?

When my sisters and I got the hysterical giggles like these kukaburras, he, fearing the tears that often came after such a riot of humour, would call us to order rather sternly. He actually had a great sense of humour but feared the worst when things got out of hand!
It is lovely however to experience such hilarity.

I love it when my sisters and I get a fit of the giggles too. I have 4 of them.