Fbi anon returns to 4chan

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The original FBIANON that gave a lot of good information months ago has returned.

The information given in his last appearance, turned out to be legit and showed geniune inside knowledge of the Clinton investigation and a coup within the intelligence community.

Hopefully this will be the same.

I'll try to capture all of the relevant info here in this format :

Question (from other 4chan users)

Answer (from FBIANON)

Original Post by Anonymous (ID: qxwGMxKu) 02/16/17(Thu)11:20:04 No.112808283


News from the inside:

The shadow government is real.
There are some good people on the inside.
Vault 7 refers to the FBI data vault containing information about the 7th floor group. This data vault is currently only accessible via direct personal access. It is literally a server room in a bomb/electromagnetic proof vault with zero outside access connections.

Global elites, The Bilderberg group, Zionist Elders, corporate entities, and banking entities comprise the bulk of the middle echelon. It is estimated that there are approximately 7 supervisor entities that pull the strings of the middle henchmen. We believe one is dead and two others have not been heard from since the election of Donald Trump.

They have gained control of the intelligence organizations, the media, and some politicians.
If they wage war on Trump then they wage war on the people.
You must start fighting.
This is a cyber war and an information war.
There are no rules. There is no parley. There are no prisoners. There are no innocents.
Win at all costs.

How'd wikileaks get airgapped materials?

There are some good people on the inside.

Do you have a single fact to back this up?

Not a one I'd never be involved in something like that~

Keep your eyes on the data dump sites. I presume things will tart to appear once it's scrubbed and verified. (as best as possible)

Save it. Put it on a thumb drive.

Things are going to get crazy soon.

Is the server in Antarctica OP?

It's in the Rockies. Colorado area.

Trump is literally a kike-loving Zionist

but are the Zionists trump-loving?

Of course they aren't. Please don't be that dense.

Backstabbing is what they do best.

Simply look into Zionist dealings with Hitler or JFK.

Hitler's gave them Israel.
JFK's gave them nuclear weapons.

What's next on the platter I wonder?

Hint: It involves Russia.

Vault 7 refers to the FBI data vault containing information about the 7th floor group Then why did Julian Assange show a picture of the actual Vault 7, which is a seed vault?

Because sometimes things are to be inferred instead of taken literally.

like what's going to happen? Civil war? give us something concrete that happens on a specific day

If the plans of the shadow government come to fruition: World War with Russia.
It's being pushed very hard right now and they are trying to make Trump the Martyr.
If Clinton had won it would have been a smooth transition.

The initial plan was:

Escalation of civil disorder
Gradual disarmament of civilians
Displacement of existing civilian populations
Bogeyman Russian
Divorce of the US and it's government
Deployment of Continuity of Government under benevolent guile
Revocation of rights and freedoms for the "good of the nation"

that seems a little far fetched

You're probably thinking too short term. This is maybe a one or two steps per generation thing, but it's been going on since Bill's first term.

Bill's reward: favorable economics during his servitude to the beast.
Trump really messed things up for them, big league.

1) what did he mean by this? (Mr. McCullough testifying before Judiciary Committee)
watch webm

2) what about depopulation, was that really part of the plan?

  1. Nice catch. You're very clever.
  2. ORCON mostly, plus see 1)

The world war is the depopulation program.
Look at how many people died in WWII.

Now with the technology we have today, the death toll would be immensely more.

How do they do hvac inside a sealed vault? The servers would overheat.

The room under it handles cooling. The server vault is in a mil base in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It's underground.
Then again I don't recall saying it was air tight, but it does use positive pressure filtration I guess so it's semi air tight.

A lot of your are really over thinking this server room thing.

It's an archive room with a server in it. One server and a few terminals. All of the data is dead (unpowered) until a request is made to move it. This makes the information impossible to access. The only active system is one hard drive that is an indexer.

You use the index to find the blade. it's then retrieved and you access it.

Got any thoughts on the Federal Reserve and Trump?

Fed reserve has been laying low and saying nothing. They are part of the banking entities I mentioned in the OP.

Trump stumbled into this hornet's nest with good intentions and ambition to help people. He honestly loves the US with an intense passion.

I presume he's feeling pretty lonely as an outsider. Which is why he's been quieter than usual lately.

Is it, by any chance, the underground Cheyenne Mountain complex? aka NORAD?


The question is: who is using the other 70% of floor space, and who is the other 95% of staff?

It's not quite like that.
It's CoG run amok though.

They operate within the open government because of all the compartmentalization.
The good guys do the shadow government dirty work without even realizing it.
They've gotten very sloppy because of trump and it's starting to come undone.
This is why everything seems to be escalating so rapidly. They're trying to rush to the finish line.

By finish line, you mean the next step of their plan--war with Russia?

Yes, that is the pivotal event. If that can happen so can the rest of the plan for conquest.

The depopulation plan is much more sophisticated than this and the only reason it hasn't been carried out is because the tech isn't complete for it yet.

You jump to conclusions. World War does not mean nuclear war.

Also nuclear arsenals today are less destructive but far more immediately lethal than depicted by the media.
They are basically high altitude gamma ray bursts and nothing like the bombs dropped on japan. Those are considered primitive now.

You are, at best, very compartmentalized.

True. I only see the tip of the iceberg.
Red Box Class III G. mil guys will know what that means.

Could you give us the geocache on the location of the military base in Colorado and I'll check it out?
Secondly, how do you propose we fight back?


Fight the media with the truth. They are using techniques to break morale. In other words turn the red pill dial to 11.

It's going to be hard. They literally have infinite money, not to mention government sanctioned drug running, arms dealing, and human trafficking.

They're taking advantage of the same disenfranchisement that led to Trump's victory to promote violent protests.

Thank god lefty protests are weak as fuck, but I'm genuinely worried about the first days of right wing riots. You know Damn well its going to be brutal.

All Mil and most of DoJ(mostly FBI) is on Trumps side
CIA NSA are severely compromised due to the Bushes. CIA Especially because of Bush Sr.
NSA should simply be considered Domestic CIA
Clinton, tried to take hold of FBI through Obama but it was thwarted. Comey is out for her blood believe it or not.

You mean it's a meme war

/pol/'s anti-propaganda is strong.
Your intel is good.
You know stuff before most of us do.
People have been taking interest in you. Some good some bad.
It's a unique delivery method of information and it works. People are listening.

"Red Box Class III G. mil guys will know what that means."
I don't recognize this at all, at best it sounds like some kind of AIT-related weeb reference that only a specific MOS would understand, which really limits the number of people.

And considering my background, that means you weren't Army and if you were, this is a reference from Ft. Meade and not Ft. Huachuca sections of AIT.

It's a SAP class. I only expected you to understand red box. But you're a quick thinker. I like that.

Was Fbi anon legit? If so did that cause a stir?

FBI anon is legit. Yes that's present tense.

Are there /pol/acks on the inside?

A lot.

How does the Coup in turkey play into this

Turkish Coup was Iranian in origin. Meant to fail. You did notice how cleanly it all happened? Right?

The deeper point is that Trump was blustering about all this, you could say they are on the same side if you stop pretending Trump is on your side, but they are most definitely not on the side of the public Trump persona

Check the news. 12D Chess. One step back two forward.

OP-do you know if/when Wikileaks will release Vault7 info? Or are they trying to push some coalition inside the U.S. to do it?

No idea. It's being scrubbed internally. I have no information about their operations nor they ours and that's how we stay on good terms.

7 Supervisor Entities? Are these people, groups, or....

They are people. One is dead. They died about 1 year ago. Powerful but almost never heard of.
2 are silent as far as we can tell.
Here's a nugget of intel: Numbers stations are still used by these people.

want to elaborate on Soros and Ukraine?

I'm not privy on that one but
There was a large "exchange" relating to some natural resources in Crimea.
Putin said "Nope" because of the involved parties. Put a big damper on the pipeline plans.
Made many "investors" upset. Now they want to have a war.

Is Dave Flinstone in Hawaii in a NOC?
Can you shed any light on this? It's somewhat urgent...
Cheesybay/Hawaii pizzagate compilation

I'll tell you about Comet when it's over ;-)

We heard yesterday that Trump has JSOC locked down. True?


The data on hard drives degrade over time , especially when powered down -> due to random electromagnetic noise you will get bits that flip over time and will corrupt data and make it useless -> you cannot simply 'store data dead until a request is made to move it' unless you store it on TAPE -> just ask google.

Microfiche, and that isn't stored here. I'm pretty sure it gets put in some warehouse similar to the on at the end of the Indiana Jones movie. I'm serious.
I think you are misunderstanding the purpose of this room. It's for active orders and intel. Not long term storage.

So what's the upshot of all this. You're telling us to redpill people and not giving us anything to go off of. The stuff we know everyone already knows but is too afraid to say. Give us something real.

Motivation to keep doing what you're doing.
It's working and it's helping. Sure there is a lot of banter, but that makes work productive.
Because of your diverse origins and semi anonymity, you've become this chaotic nexus of intel and truth.

Keep finding dirt on these people spreading it through your alternative media sources and we will follow leads. If there is enough credible evidence we'll nab them.

More like JFK did everything he could to prevent them from getting nukes and then was killed for it. If you're a spook you must not be the sharpest tack in the office.

Hitler died fighting them when they changed the agreement for a better offer
JFK was killed for attempting to stop them from developing nuclear weapons.
This is all basic information

Pic related?

Any chance of an intentional recession to make Trump look bad or strain American politics?

It's definitely something the Fed and friends can do.
Yes there is a chance. But Hillary was a sure thing and pre-election investment momentum is barreling forward. They can't all pull out at the same time or it looks like a red flag. Watch investment trending. Find the bots that monitor trade volumes.

What was the No. 1 threat that Obama and Trump keep referring to that Trump keeps repeating he was surprised about? Russia? Pakistan? Israel? I've heard the pakis keep their nukes on moving convoys..

Chinese nuke subs in the Pacific

How fake is climate change?

Real but not from people. Ice and tectonic subduction zones releasing CO2

I'll keep an eye out for future replies and update as new information surfaces.

I'm hoping that this recent batch of layoffs on floor 7 is another sign of major changes happening right now.

What do you think ? Let me know in the comments !

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Well that would have been useful an hour ago .. Same chat, copied from the same 4chan thread that I linked up top.

I just posted a steemit article on shadow government this morning. Wow!! This is bombshell. I believe it from all research I've done past year. Great job buddy!

4chan's standard disclaimer:

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.


This disclaimer should be on most news sites.
I cant disregard everything from 4chan, they've been right too many times..


Agreed, and i also pay attention to their "parody" lately cos of it. Everythings backwards, parodies are becoming more real than the news.



Interesting. I had never heard about the Sabans, what they do, and about 527s in general. I knew of 501(c)(3), and I had learned about Super PACs during the last election but not about this specifically:


From what I know, The Intercept publishes good articles. I have not read often from their site, but I read those two when the MSM started their Fake News concert:




Really the problem with that is that 4chan is not a "they" like "NBC News" is. If something says "NBC News" on it, I know some third party, somewhere has at least been somewhat accountable to some fourth party for hiring the person (second party) saying the words.

4chan is basically just a web host, like steemit. "They" is meaningless, because anyone can post with the full "authority" of "Anonymous". If "they" is everyone, then "they" is no one.

I am positive there is FBI and CIA on 4chan, both in a private capacity as chantards, as well as in a professional capacity as United States Federal Agents. It would also be somewhat ridiculous to assume that the FSB aren't on there, too.

"I can't disregard everything from pastebin, they've been right too many times."


Really? When someone uses a word like "kike" come one. This is such bullshit.


Because racists cant possibly ever get into positions of power? I didnt write it.

Who is the woman between David Rockefeller & George Soros?


Thanks. I guess she would be kind of the equivalent of Monique Leroux, our own Trilateral Commission executive committee member here in Montreal.

Monique Leroux, President, International Coopereative Alliance (ICA), Montréal

As far as I know, she, on the other hand, has not pleaded in favor of Hillary Clinton.

I, on the contrary, am somewhat linked with Hillary Clinton through the Perche(France)-Quebec(Canada) common ancestry we both share with Justin Trudeau, Justin Bieber, Madonna and Camilla Parker-Bowles. I don't think having the same remote cousins as her makes us cousins, but still it might mean we share some lineage somewhere along the lines.



Vault 7 = 7th Floor Shadow Gov.

Anyone care to speculate?

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is good place to start, imho.

Members include : David Rockefellar, George Soros, Jeffery Epstein, Henry Kissinger, Larry Summers, George H W Bush, Robert Rubin, Bill Clinton and...

Also includes many former and present State Department officials: Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, James Baker, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry...

US Treasury: R. Rubin, L. Summers, Timothy Geithner, James Baker...


Today, February 17, 2017, an article about the H7N9 form of influenza killing 87 people between January 1 and February 12, 2017 came out.


Not saying it's related but I wonder if this form of bird flu shall make the news in the following days, weeks or months and how much do the CFR stir the MSM trends. Thing is, I don't follow what they put out much even if I've subscribed to their YouTube channels.



Thanks Heroic,

Well, the CFR is said to control not only the State Department but also the CIA (DynCorp) so this is a good find. More specifically, in relation to the Virus/Vaccine industry that is becoming more exposed by the day.


So, I guess this video excerpt is no news to you:


Of course... like Obama thanked Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR) as being his greatest mentor. The CFR is always involved behind the scenes. Even after Trump was elected as an "outsider" he met with Henry Kissenger to discuss foreign relations. There is decades long continuity at play.


...and Angelina Jolie is CFR & has an adoption habit going on herself. (half-joking+full-real here; there is ''fake news'', so let this be ''joking for real'')

I love FBIanon, but I'm still confused as to what Vault 7 truly refers to. According to WikiLeaks themselves on their most recent dump page:

The revelations are contained within three CIA tasking orders published today by WikiLeaks as context for its forth coming CIA Vault 7 series.

Of course the FBI vault could have CIA info, but I would imagine WikiLeaks would have stated that.


Yeah the french election stuff is huge but I dont think its what they referred to in their clues/hype. Not sure what to believe with WL/JA anymore

I'm thinking we'll see big news out of antarctica before the Vault 7 data dump- when that comes people will be glued to their TVs and computers for days with jaws to the floor. I still believe the first domino to fall, that will prompt them to disclose Antarctica as a distraction, will be pizzagate arrests of major players.


I'm a bit skeptical on the whole Antarctica thing.
I've not seen any good info on what is going on down there.

The best story I heard was one where a usaf pilot went to go pickup some scientists at the south pole. However the scientists were not there. The small base was empty. Then they got a call like a week later from the science team. No one wanted to talk on the flight back. Who knows what they saw.


I am familiar with that story but I think the guy was a Navy flight engineer- he showed his certificate that proved he had served in Antarctica and claimed they had a no fly zone that due to a rescue they were able to violate and I believe they saw flying saucers as well as a large opening in a mountain. And yes that crew apparently appeared to be in shock when picked up.


I believe you're correct.

He and his crew got grounded for going into the no fly zone.

I'm not sure what's going on down there. But it might be interesting.


Have no idea what you two are talking about, but this is what I watched about a week ago:

I personally don't trust FBIANON but that's only my opinion. He probably knows A LOT more than what he's saying.

I am skeptical whenever anyone claims there is a single super-secret super-villain super-plan, or when Trump is considered a disruptive outsider. Trump has a long association with politics, including the Clintons, and would have received the Ron Paul treatment had he been a real threat.

I suspect there are people who want the kind of global power associated with various shadow government theories, and I would not be at all surprised to learn that there are people in the background holding the real reins of power, but I doubts such people form a cohesive global secret cabal.

1 Up for plausible conspiracy! Great post.

This is all very interesting.

However I'm taking all this with a huge grain of salt. Not sure if I buy all the doom porn he's peddling.

"Also nuclear arsenals today are less destructive but far more immediately lethal than depicted by the media.
They are basically high altitude gamma ray bursts and nothing like the bombs dropped on japan. Those are considered primitive now."

This here seems like he knows what he's talking about.

quite silly


You obviously haven't a clue what's going on in the world right now-