New Dogecoin faucet with a lower withdrawal threshold

in faucet •  3 months ago 

I discovered a new web page while doing my daily round of faucets.

I can claim from the page every hour and I only need a minimum of 25 DOGE before I can withdraw out of it:

This site sets the bar lower as minimum value to withdraw if I compare with the other Dogecoin faucets I've been regularly using, which all ask me to wait before I have reached at least 50 DOGE (and some even 100) before I can send my funds elsewhere.

So from now on, I'm adding it to my everyday crypto routine. And, I have no doubt this website will pay since it was suggested to me while accessing one of two other faucets I've been regularly using that are part of the same pair now turned into a trio.

By the way, if you still haven't signed up to these two other Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash faucets, here is your chance:

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