Fasting Journal : OMAD/Carnivore Day 15

in fasting •  last month

Darn that cheese lady at the grocery store. Oh well, MOSTLY OMAD ...

And tomorrow is the first Extended Intermittent fast. From about three hours ago (6:PM) til about 44 hours from now (Wednesday at 3:PM is the plan).

Those following will know that I did this for quite a while last Spring and had steady success at weight loss and probably most of the Autophagy results I was looking for.

Today was a bite of cheese at noon, which was a lovely Raclette, then at 3:pm, four eggs, bacon, a steak, some bone broth as usual and my first day trying some over-done kefir ferment. It was actually really nice. I think I'm craving the fermented stuff, and since I am not having my homemade sauerkraut or other fermented veggies, I'm drawn to the taste of unsweetened, unflavored kefir.

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