Fasting Journal : OMAD/Carnivore Day 14

in fasting •  last month

I need to start writing this earlier again. This late at night I don't really document anything. I suck.

Carnivore part going very well, OMAD was a little spread out again today. Actually, I simply had a later part of the meal because I was still hungry. I had bacon and eggs, bone broth, kefir, then a slice of liver and some salmon. But then later I was still hungry so I had some scrambled eggs and another small amount of bone broth. Making something more like a 3 hour window.

Tomorrow is shopping, but I have to keep it down to a small shopping, since I spent too much money on vitamins this month. My Butcherbox should come in on Tuesday so that's going to be fine.

Speaking of Tuesday, that will be a fasting day. I haven't decided if I am going to do the weekend 72 hour fast, but I will do the Tuesday and Thursday 48 hour fast.

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