Fasting Journal : OMAD/Carnivore Day 11

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OK, after almost a week of trying morning OMAD, I'm ready to say it's not working out for me.

It started off good, I had one night of full sleep. My thinking was that going to bed in a fasted state would lead to better sleep. That one day seemed good.

That was the only day.

Plus, in general, it's difficult. My mornings are a little slow starting anyway, because I like it that way. Wake up late, putz around, finally make some coffee, check my messages, etc. I usually get ready to do things by about 1:PM

But morning OMAD requires that I be active by about 10:AM. Check social media, feed the fish and birds, slam down a coffee, get ready to make a meal that I'm not really hungry for yet. Worse, once the meal is done, I get to the long inactive portion of my day, from 3:PM to midnight. Just sitting around not eating. Can't even have a coffee, because I want to be able to sleep.

So, cut my losses - Oh, yeah, also, even with only about 2/3 of my BMR in calories, not loosing any weight.

So I'm going back to OMAD in the late afternoon, 3-5-ish.

The carnivore part is going moderately well, although I did finally have yesterday's last salad today. Now I'm out of plant foods in the house except spices, hot peppers, and garlic.

Also, starting Monday, it's time to go back to Extended Intermittent Fasting (EIF). This really worked well for me, I like having days when I don't have to consider meals at all. And that was my plan, first week to get to OMAD, second week to get to Carnivore, third week to get back to EIF.

No photos today. But my chicken legs were a thing of beauty. You'll have to take my word for it.

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