Fasting Journal : Day 7 of 10, a personal milestone passing.

in fasting •  3 months ago

I've fasted 7 days before, once just a few weeks ago, once last year, and a few times when I was a kid.

But when 6:PM hits I will move into new territory, an 8th day! Working towards that Ten Day fasting record for me. If all goes well, I will start the 2nd cycle of fasting/feasting from Sunday to Sunday in three days, with a 7 day period of OMAD style feasting.

So far I am fairly pleased with how the 10 day fast is coming along. In general I feel well, although shopping for durable goods today was a little exhausting. Three hours of walking around trying to compare fermenting supplies, paper products and lightbulbs, etc. At one point I got a little unsettled, maybe even queasy, but I found a water fountain and felt better immediately.

Been reading up on HGH production while fasting, which I hope is high for me right now. I would like to think that it's counteracting some of the "effects of aging" that I suddenly got during the infamous "Year of ice cream and sub sandwiches" which left me so unhappy and fat. We'll see. It's not really my goal to look young and pretty again, but it wouldn't hurt to have healthier skin and joints.

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