Fasting Journal : Day 10 of 10, the last hours are so freaking hard.

in fasting •  4 months ago

People who do extended fasts frequently, say that you will know when to break your fast because "your hunger returns". Of course, they are talking about much longer fasts, but I've always assumed the general case applies.

That may be true, but apparently KNOWING that you are about to break a fast will MAKE your hunger return.

I'm having psychological and physical hunger symptoms that are a bit overwhelming. Especially after I took things out of the freezer to prepare for my meal. I can't seem to stay out of the kitchen, my brain is constantly flooding my mind with reasons why 1:PM is better than 3:PM and why if I'm going to go with 1:PM then 10 :AM is just as good.

My stomach is growling, I have increased saliva flow, I can smell latent cooking odors in my kitchen, and I have a ton of nervous energy. If I wasn't so preoccupied with the psychological fight this would be very uncomfortable.

My window to eat is supposed to be 3-6 PM, but I also don't think I need to be such a stickler. Maybe this is just another trick my brain is playing with me, and it's good for me to tell my brain that it can't push me around, but I will probably end up breaking before time. Because as it stands, I am not doing anything now except staring at the clock and rummaging around in the kitchen.

I'm also completely satisfied with the fast at this point. My goal was never to reach a number, but to stimulate autophagy, increase HGH production, continue my weight loss (which is now officially 70 lbs. lost), and I've done that. At this point, according to the research I've read, any gains in percentage have already been had at about 5 days, and I've spent about five more days at that level.

That's really good.

My plan is to have two lightly scrambled eggs with Nutritional Yeast, collagen, and some really funky grass fed raw milk cheese I found last week. Then after that settles a little, I will redo breakfast with some fried eggs and bacon, followed by some liver and salad, and finish up with stew that I should really put in the pot right now. Dang, just writing that out was so triggering. And it's only 10:14 AM....

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Lol yeah i know what you're saying. When it happens to me i just laugh. Feel like a child trapped in a bakery.

Best of luck on your performance


It's crazy. I think I'm going to call it at noon, but I don't mind at all. That's 234 hours of fasting, 9.75 days, which is a huge milestone for me. I've got beef in the stew pot, and I don't feel like resisting those savory fragrances much longer.


Lol don't blame you there. 9 days though! That's incredible!