concern against selling impure food and drinks

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concern against selling impure food and drinks Over the years it is seen that hawkers and stall-owners in our town keep displaying vconcern against selling impure food and drinksarieties of food like 'ghoogni', 'alloo kabli', 'chowmien', 'phoochka', 'ccana masala', cut fruits and lassi, colour 'sarbat', lemon water etc. for sale to pendestrions who feel fatigued qith hunger and thirst. These vendors are quite unconscious of the harms they cause to those who cannot help feeding them. In most cases these items made of lower quality food stuff are unhygienically prepared and sold in the open air. Cut fruits are easy prey to poison. Those who take them remain mostly callous to the killers they invite.

The department of health should take these proper steps to ban the sale of these items for the safety of the commoners.


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