Test Your Boldness: Match Red Dress With a Red Lipstick

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29th July was a National Lipstick's day and the only lipstick I would ever want to celebrate is the red one. Everybody looks great in a red lipstick but have you tried matching it with your favorite red dress

Matching a red dress with red lipstick is kind of predictable but it also makes you look tastefully bold and beautiful. I first tried this classic combo at my friend's wedding(Barat function) and not only did I look cute but also felt super confident.

Now I can't wear a formal red dress on routine events but a red floral summer dress paired with red lipstick is a do-able option for a dinner party, girl's night out and even picnics.


Test Your Boldness: Match Red Dress With a Red Lipstick

Some Simple Rules to Rock Matchy-Matchy Makeup

  1. Wear red lipstick in the same family of the color red
  2. Keep your hair and rest of the makeup simple
  3. Wear minimal jewellery
  4. And Smile


By the way I am wearing Makeup Factory Magnetic Lips in shade ‘386 Sheer Carmine’

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite lipstick that you like matching with your outfit!



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