A note written by world renowned fashion designer, blogger and author "Kirjeda Rodriguez" before she died of cancer.

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A note was written by a world-renowned fashion designer, blogger, and author "Kirjeda Rodriguez" before she died of cancer.

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  • The car of the world's most expensive brand is lying in my garage. But I have to sit in the wheelchair.

  • My house is filled with all kinds of designer clothes, shoes, expensive items. But my body is covered in a little sheet given by the hospital.

  • Bank A/C is full of enough money. But that money is no use to me anymore.

  • My house is like a palace but I am lying in a hospital twin-sized bed.

  • I walked from one five star hotel to another five-star hotel. But now I spend my time in the laboratory from one hospital to another.

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*I've given autographs to hundreds of people - and today the prescription written by a doctor is my autograph.

  • There were seven beauticians for my hair - today I have no hair in my head.

  • I could fly in private jets wherever I pleased. But now I have to go to the hospital porch to get help from two people.

  • Although there are many foods around the world, two pills a day and a few drops of saline at night is my food.

This house, this car, this jet, this furniture, so many bank accounts, so much reputation, and so much fame, none of it has worked for me. Working - the faces of some dear people, and their touch. "There is nothing more real than death.