DMT Fashion: From Hyperspace To The Runway...

in fashion •  6 months ago

Inspiration can come from interesting places sometimes...

I’ve never been much into exotic high-fashion. But when my wife showed me a couple YouTube videos from Dutch designer, Iris Van Herpen... holy fuck.

Straight up: this woman must be pulling her designs right out of hyperspace.

Completely innovative styles that are 3D-printed, this lady’s work has ”DMT” written all over it.

Whether she is actually drawing her inspiration from the psychedelic realms or not... who knows. Though, it wouldn’t be surprising, as there’s a quality to her art that not only seems like it would, but that almost activates some of those states by the simple act of watching these masterpieces in motion.

Not much more to say here.

Thus, I hereforth share a couple outstanding videos featuring the work of ingenious designer, Iris Van Herpen for your transcendental viewing pleasure...

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Amazing, futuristic and poetic! I'm a fashion fanatic and had already seen some pieces of it in some fashion week. I think creativity has no limits. The translucent and perfectly cut fabrics speak to us of the talent of this designer, but also of the infinite inspiration of the human being. As far as I know, this designer is a pioneer in 3D printing and is constantly experimenting with materials. Well the saying goes that the sky is the limit! This woman designs like angels. This text was different and I loved it. Thanks for sharing, @rok-sivante!

Lots of motivation that sometimes people don't know, a world designer who has high knowledge in designing clothes or something else. Thanks to people who have a genius mind, I am interested in starting this business. Thank you for sharing @rok-sivante

Wow, what a beauty, I really like those dresses! How much creativity. This is an example of when talent goes hand in hand with resources and ingenuity. Thank you for sharing, @rok-sivante.

I'm not usually one to be impressed by fashion. But that was magnificent! Thank you for sharing. Also, I need one of those hats that makes it look like you've got 10 faces. Seriously futuristic and beautiful. 😍

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They look like architectural works! Thanks to 3D innovations, these unique pieces can be achieved. Of course, also to creativity, to the imagination possessed by the man who always seeks to innovate and excel. Greetings

The models wearing strange bizarre dresses look very beautiful.

DQmQp47cM8T23YABaeJpX684xJmgEqcSk4PR21g95HgzbSQ.gif greetings from me😄

Very beautiful video thanks for sharing sir

Dear @rok-sivante sir!
Sometimes things that we do not like, it is our compulsion to accept it. This is such a situation where there is nothing in our hands and as far as the wife comes, there is a need to fulfill every demand by bowing in the head. is. Such 3D-printed clothes look good in catalogs, probably they may look very good in personal life. Everyone's own thinking and choice can be different. Maybe what you like is not mine and which I like, maybe you do not like. As I watched the video of your designer who displayed the clothes There are undoubtedly expensive and well-dressed clothes, but it is hard to be used in home or family.after long time you sir mention about different topic.

Highly rEsteemed!