The obsession of 2019 or why pearls will never be out of style

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At the beginning of every spring hair accessories usually, rise like a phoenix from the ashes and reach their peak in the hot summer. This year is no different but there is one trend that stands out from all of the other ones - the trend of the decorated hairpins and clips.

They have made their first appearance in the collections of many luxury brands such as Gucci, Simone Rocha, Dolce & Gabbana, MIU MIU, Chanel, Versace, and others. After that, some more affordable brands such as ASOS followed them.

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This particular type of hairpins is the perfect combination of too much without being too much or else said they’re gliding on the edge between style and kitsch and maybe this is why they have won the hearts of many ladies no matter their age or personal style.
With tremendous speed, they got off the catwalk and took over the urban streets by becoming Accessory №1 for this year.

Many celebrities such as Bella and Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Olivia Culpo and Alexa Chung went totally crazy about that trend and started mixing them in omnifarious ways - from elegant to sport looks. Some of them even managed to turn it into a distinguishing part of their look and right now it is hard to imagine some of the Hadid sisters without a glamourous pin in the hair.

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One specific type of these accessories protruded over the others and those are the pearl hair clips. Big or small, symmetrical or not, with a silver or a gold base, they have become a popular accessory around the ladies. We can see a bunch of them in a grunge bold combination or being simply placed as a delicate accent.

We are surrounded by different women who are wearing these hairclips as a “must” accessory on a daily basis and if I have to be completely honest - I also have a couple of them at home and I am boldly combining them with different outfits such as baggy jeans and ethereal feminine dresses.

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But why exactly pearls?

Probably you are asking yourself the same question as I do - how these particular accessories managed to impress hundreds of women and why exactly pearls? Yes, they are the “absolute” classic and can hardly mislead us, and also carry this refined and romantic breeze of the past. But that is definitely not the only reason why this trend became one of the hottest for summer 2019.

In the ancient past, pearls have been considered as a priceless treasure and were called “one of nature’s miracles”. According to Greek mythology, they have been defined as the tears of happiness that the goddess of beauty Aphrodite was shedding and the legend says that she has been born from a pearl mussel in the meerschaum (seafoam).

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Loved an valued by many royal families and mighty rulers

In the first centuries of the new era, there was a ban on wearing pearl jewelry freely and Julius Ceasar himself emitted a special restriction which was allowing only the caste of the Roman emperors to show themselves with pearls.

The situation in the great years of the Brittish empire was similar - only people with illustrious royal origin were privileged to wear pearl jewelry since they were considered as a distinguishing symbol of high financial and social status.

It is claimed that the pearl pieces of jewelry were the most valued and loved by the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. One of the most common legends says that she has owned the most expensive and valuable pearl in the entire world with a price of 10 million sesterces (the currency back then). Lead by the desire to show her unconditional power and dominance to Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony) she took off her pearl earring, dissolved it in vinegar and drank it.

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Up until now…

Everything said so far explains why on a subconscious level women are so attracted to the pearl jewelry and accessories. We all want to feel and be accepted as tender, delicate and elegant creatures no matter how strong we are, despite the modern distorted feminism.

Maybe pearls are the one giving us that feeling of a perfect balance between fragility and power. That is the reason why they make us hold our heads higher and feel confident, combined even with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Maybe we feel like queens wearing an invisible crown every time we go out with our favorite pearl necklace or earrings. And that is definitely not a bad thins, it is actually recommendable - wasn’t the whole idea of fashion to express ourself in a beautiful and extraordinary way, filled with confidence.

Thanks to the growing interest in eclectic, we are no longer limited in matter of how are we going to combine our outfits, accessories and different styles. So wear your pearls anywhere, anytime and however, even if it’s with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers!

(Source: Pinterest)

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