How to pull off a Rachel Green!

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Ever remember Rachel Green from an all-time favorite American TV show FRIENDS? Who could forget how brat and self-centered she is?
Well not me. I love her to death!

How to pull off a ridiculously spoiled but sweet and charismatic Rachel Green? I can say Jennifer Aniston is perfect for the role! ❤

1.Run off from your wedding and be surprised you did it!

  1. Do shopping after having been decided to live an independent life.

  2. But it hits you that you want to live an independent life so you start off by cutting your credit cards to pieces.


But the greatest thing about it is that you have your friends willing to go through independence with you!

  1. Work as a waitress and complain why you'd have to do it that way!

  2. Hook up with your best girlfriend's geek brother and discover that all you need is a man with an exception from your ideal type.

  3. Be emotionally honest to your feelings.

  4. Be the best support system to a friend who you used to be dating.

  5. Be who you are and you'll perfectly fit in to your ideal self.

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OYeah. I wanna be like her!


same here. can I just be her right now?


upvote akong vote haha


humana dzai hahahah

Good post Rhon. Keep it up! btw, if you use photos on internet you can make a source link in the article. :)


I will. thanks jan!