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Hey there Steem community!

It’s time for my next Fashion Blog post. Be sure to let me know which piece you like best!

Mens Fashion Vol: 12



1. Source link

Only for the bold. If you mind head-turns and drawing attention, these aren't the outfits for you. Haha I love the bright colors used here and the busy mixture of patterns. If matching the outfit is too much for you, consider dressing down this African print by just wearing the jacket or pants (such as the YouTube video-maker twin on the right).
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2. Source link By Kaya Designer Lounge

"Looking clean in green". Who doesn't like looking like, and feeling like money? This is a solid option for attending an event and looking better than other men without appearing over-dressed. The basic shirt and low cut vest will make you seem a lot more put together than you actually are. Pair the jacket with some figure fitting pants and loafers like in the picture and you'll look amazing. (Beautiful date not included). black-sad-face-icon-69469.png

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3. Source link “Life is a jungle” by Alexander Nurulaeff

If you're extremely patriotic or just love camouflage print, these custom patinas by Alex (of Dandy Shoe Care) are for you! This design has been sought after all around the world. I'm not normally into this design pattern but I certainly appreciate the artistry here!
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4. Source link

I love the detailed print on the face of this wrist watch. Paired with it's light brown leather strap, it makes for an airy feel perfect for summer breezes. This unisex design is both playful and sophisticated, and I'd wear it with jeans, linens, or button down shirts.

I hope you enjoyed this installment! Which item number was your favorite?

(Also, if you know who designed any of the pieces I couldn't name, please let me know).

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Hey, I found your post on “Steem chat" post promotion. Just wanted to say great work on this and will follow your work. Could I ask for you to check out my work and follow me?

Sorry, but I don`t like any of this things. Anyway good luck in your Steem career ;D
I like flow like this: Dandys-DOMODI-2-1024x683.jpg



Not bad. Everyone has a different since of style. Maybe one of my older posts has something you'd like. Thanks for stopping by.


Yea, I like vol 9 for example ;D

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