DIY $1,000,000 BOOTS Project

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Three weeks ago I started transforming these old boots into $1,000,000 boots. I thought I could finish that same day. I thought it would take me maximum 4 hours. Well guys, It took me 20 hours! Every time I thought I worked 15 minutes on these boots, I worked already an hour. It felt so weird. It felt very relaxing gluing all the diamonds seeing my boots slowly, very slowly turning into sparkling boots, but time was really flying. So I worked on these boots every weekend for a few hours and on other days a few hours. I just couldn't finish it the same day.

I wanted to throw away my ankle boots that I wore 10 years ago. These ankle boots were my favourite boots at that time. Then I suddenly had the idea to make a project out of them. I wanted to turn these old boots in to a $,1000,000 ankle boots. So I bought hundreds of diamonds, studs and silver balls and tubes of textile glue.


The making of the $1,000,000 boots



These are my old ankle boots. As you can see they look very vintage and I had to bring them couple of times to the shoe repair shop.


Items I bought:

Square mosaic plastic mirrors or square diamonds
Silver balls
Loose studs
Silver string of beads
String of studs


I was looking online what the best glue is for gluing all these sparkly items. I found out that the E6000 is the best glue for textile and shoes. I had to order them online because this is American glue and are not sold in Dutch shops. This is the best glue because when they dry, they are giving your boots a transparent shiny glossy look rather than yellow or white.


When I started, I wasn't sure where I should start and I just wanted to dip the boots in a bucket of glue and sprinkle the diamonds and studs all over them :-D. Of course they wouldn't look like they look now. So I started to glue the string of silver beads on the sides.


I bought first only 1 tube because I thought the glue would be very liquid but it was a bit thicker so after a while I ordered online another 4 tubes to be on the safe side.


Gluing these sparkly items/objects gave me really peace :-). I just wished the time wasn't flying.


The heels were nicer with diamonds so I decided to glue the heels with diamonds too.

shoe 1.gif

One boot is done. Up to the next.


I did the same way with the second boot, only this time I glued the studs, silver balls and square diamonds first and later glued the diamonds. I didn't want the second boot to be same but I do wanted a little bit equal so the amount of studs, silver balls and square diamonds are the same for the second boot, but they are just randomly glued.


shoe 2.gif


I know women love diamonds and would love to show their real diamond ring, but I think if you have diamond boots, you don't need to show them because they will sparkle in any one's eyes who is walking next, front and behind you:-D. The boots are covered with hundreds of fake diamonds but who cares if they are fake? As long as they are blinging right? ;-)



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Amazing boot :)


Thank you :-)

You did an awesome job with these shoes. I think many steemians will recognise the hard work you put in this project. Bling Bling!


Thank you ;-)

FANCY! Another fashion post from you!

Taking old shoes and transforming them into this unique glittery glorious ones I really like. And now that I am stumbling over a post of yours, I remember that I still owe you a photograph of my self-stitched armchair covers! I promise, tomorrow I'll take a picture!

For your spiky and pearly shoes I wish you a lot of "ah's" & "oh's" when you "walk out" them on the streets.

Hello & Bye from Erika

P.S. how long have you worked on them? Edit: I see, 20 hours. I thought much longer. Is it a meditative feeling doing that? Do you forget everything else and feel peace in the end of the process? And do you have a little ritual when you finished something artful?


Thanks dear! Yes I am still waiting for that post :-). I'm pretty sure picking up the kids will give me some "ah's and oh's :-D. Just kidding! I need to go to a special event or party with these boots.


Oh, no, I can't make a post out of it. I missed the documenting resp. taking pictures of the making off- so it would be boring. I am going to search for that article of yours and put them in the comment section. :)) alright?

I am sure those boots are going to be the party eye catcher!


It took me 20 hours....

Looks a world class transformation from your old boots into a pair of Cinderella`s punk rocker boots haha.

All you need now is the Queen of England`s Crown Jewels to go with your $1,00,000 Hollywood blingy boots.

All those hours you put in to finish them glistening boots patience pays off once again haha!


Thank you! Ilove that: Cinderella's punk rocker boots :-D. I should use that title actually! Hahaha! I don't think the Queen of England would mind that. She complained on tv that the crown is too heavy :-p


It would of been a great title to use haha.

Just as well the Queen of England doesn`t have to wear those Crown Jewels everyday or her neck would be like a giraffe by now haha.

The funny thing about the Queen of England she must think that the real world smells of a fresh coating of paint on the walls. A lot of her time was been a guest to opening a new building and usually with a new building it will smell of fresh painted paint!


I always wanted to be a princess when I was a little girl. I guess a life as a princess/queen isn't exciting because you basically have to do what you've been told, dress as you've been told.

It took you 20 hours to finish them! Wow! But its sure worth all the work. The shoes look fantastic!


Yes, it was worth it luckily :-). Thank you!

Very nice, but you must have had (as they say in dutch) 'engelengeduld' to do this.


Yes, thats true! You need a lot of engelengeduld for this :-). I had a bit too much of it ;-)

Wow, what a transforming. Now you can sell them to high price on ebay, or even be the star on the next Party :-) With many things it happened to me same, I think I could do it some less hours but it took me much much more...


yes, I could sell it, but they are old used boots. I don't think someone wanna buy them. I think I keep them in case there will be an event. Sometimes we underestimate things because it is easy work.Thanks for checking out;-)

I like the way they turned out. They look glamorous! Are they much heavier with the diamonds on?


Thank you @god-is-love! they are slightly heavier. They do look chunkier :-)

Wow that's shining bright like a diamond boot goals :D

Wow what a transformation! Super creative, I'm not surprised it took 20 hours, I'd have taken 2x as long at least lol Followed you,love all the interesting creative people on here :)


Hahaha! Maybe if you have big fingers it will take you 2 times longer :-). Thanks for following @adammillwardart.

I'm honest: I do not like these boots, but I appreciate the patience of the work done..


I'n honest: i do not like this comment, but I appreciate your honesty :-D

I love these!! They look fantastic too!! What. Transformation from before. They are unique too and nobody will have the same pair!


Thanks dear! Nobody has these , indeed. :-)

Daaaamn! Those are $1,000,000 boots, for sure! I bet they look amazing out in the sunshine. I can only imagine how long it would take to glue every individual diamond! I guess once you get into a rhythm it would be almost meditative. What a way to revitalize some old favorites!

Oh, and thanks so much for the resteem! 😊


hehehe Thanks dear! Some sunshine will make the indeed bling much more. It took me 20 hours gluing one by one but it was a stress reliever. You're welcome, you deserved it :-)

the shoes are shining brighter than my future hahah just kidding its actually very amazing :D


your future should be brighter than my boots :-)

its crafted with elegance wow looking beautiful

I also had the joy of giving old boots new life just a month ago! I'm a product design student and I made new soles for my shoes out of silicon all by myself :D handcrafted stuff is always awesome

Darn, that's some shiny boots XO
Can't even see they were slightly worn down after the upgrade. looks like you got them from some shop new as can be XD


Thank you @pbock! . Yes, you need to look inside and underneath the boots to see its worn :-).

Wow! Glamorous.
Amazing and lovely.
Great job @fathin-shihab for sharing this post.😊 💙

Upvoted + Resteemed your post.


Thank you for the resteem :-)

Awesome post and amazing work.
I just loved your post my dear friend. 😊💜💜

Thank you so much @fathin-shihab for sharing this post.

Upvoted and Resteemed your post.

those boots are cool-beans. Well worth the time you spent on them!

I don't wanna show this to my wife..she will want the same :"D hahah


hahaha! :-D.


LOL! Are you ready for making the next pair @fathin-shihab. I suspect you will have more orders....

What a stunning transformation @fathin-shihab! Brilliant idea. As I have said before, you are a very talented artist @fathin-shihab.
Thanks for sharing.


Thank you @diamondinform for the nice words :-)

I loved it, I could perfectly be on one of the moschino catwalks


:-). That would be awesome! Thanks!