how to fertilize tomatoes so the results are abundant

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maintenance of tomato plants

hello steemians, how come all of you, hope you are always healthy even wherever you are. see me again @urengjamen and on this occasion I would like to discuss to kalain all about how to fertilize the tomato plants as soon as they bear fruit.

tomato is one of the plants that is highly cultivated in the world both in the small world or in large countries such as the world of Europe and other countries. Tomatoes are very needed by humans, because tomatoes are one of the delicious ingredients, and tomatoes can be sauce.

most farmers really like cultivating tomato plants, because the price of tomatoes is rather expensive, the market price can reach 20-40Rp one kilogram, so it is very appropriate for the farmers to cultivate these tomato plants.

all farming friends, so because of that here I want to tell you all the ways to cultivate tomato plants so that you can earn a lot of money.

how it works fertilizes tomato plants

in maintaining tomato plants there are a number of things we have to do including: replanting, installation of trusses and extraction of some leaves in tomato plants, binding of plants and watering of tomato plants and subsequent fertilization.

in times of growth, we must take care of plants and always keep an eye on various diseases, such as pests and critics.

all farming friends, that's how to cultivate tomatoes so that you can get abundant income, according to you in the interesting section, leave your comments below and don't forget to follow me so that you can see the latest posts from me.

agricultural greetings from me @urengjamen to all farming friends.

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We have learnt from this beautiful publication and we are sure to apply fertilizer to our tomatoes plan for abundant result.


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