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hello steemit friend, meet me @steemagriculture again, how are you all, are you still enthusiastic in agriculture, this time @steemagriculture wants to discuss with you all the ways to grow onion hydroponics.


Hey steemit friend, in some of my past posts I explained a number of farming methods, from chili farming or how to farm avocados and kale, but this time I want to talk about how to grow hydroponic shallots.

Before I entered the main discussion, here I explained a bit about the benefits of shallots, friend of farmers, all shallots are one of the plants or vegetables that are often known by the public, both in Indonesia and other countries, such as Europe and others other.

Red onion farm friends are also very needed by mothers, because in every dish it is very necessary for onion, not only that red onion can also be processed as a medicine for village medicine or pill and traditional medicine, so it is very good if we cultivating this onion, because the benefits are extraordinary.


friend farmer before we plant hydroponic shallots, we must first prepare some of the tools below.

  • land for planting.

prepare land to plant onions to taste, we use both behind a house or a special place.

  • Seed

prepare some quality onion seeds that are still fresh.

  • knife

prepare a knife that is really sharp


first we have to cut the tip of the onion.

then cut the thick eight-part rockwool.

sterus give holes in rockwool as wide as onion seeds

then put the onion seeds into the rockwool that has been holes.

after that if the onion seeds have grown to the size of an inch of finger, then cut rockwool and then start into a poly bag or into the pipe that has been prepared earlier.

Farmers' friends are all how to grow hydroponic shallots, if you like this, don't forget to support them, and don't forget to follow @steemagriculture so you can see the latest news from @steemagriculture

thank you .. !!

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