The first manure in our farms that boast crop yields.

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Interestingly, the first manure in our farms that contributes greatly to increased food production is our feet. This implies that when we prepare our farms and plant, constant visiting of the farm is always very important because one will always be pruned to discover certain abnormalities on the crops.

For instance, early diseases on crops, weed competing with crops, pests etc and thus making the farmer to be on constant guard. Also for crops such as grain legumes and cereals, birds or crickets may destroy them at the time of germination as such constant visit will enable the farmer to quickly identify that replant the destroyed area as well as taking preventive measures.

However, it equally enable us to plan ahead as crop production is mostly been affected by diseases and frequent field visits will therefore enable the farmer to quickly identify and intervene as well.

At maturity, these crops should be quickly harvested so to avoid crops loses in the field due to pests such as birds, maize borers, etc.
Also in other related businesses, visits to the site will help in shedding off bad or unhealthy habits at the work place that affect production negatively and thus enhancing productivity.

Therefore always endeavor to manure your farm always with your feet and business.
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Congratulations to you @princelouise we @farms wish you a successful farming season and pray for massive harvest


SteemChurch Farm (@farms)

When we endeavor to visit our farms, we will have the opportunity to see what is going wrong and make immediate corrections without delay, thus our first farm manure are our feet.