New project alerts; FARMS Setting Up A Poultry Farm For Xmas Sales.

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Its no new News that the price of our beloved steem and sbd is down and a lot of us are discourage about the situation, but we @farms see this as an opportunity to gather as much as we can and invest for the sunny days are ahead...... with this goal we present a new project similar to our previous project posted months ago.


@FARMS Setting Up A Poultry Farm For Xmas Sales.

We noticed that the Christmas holiday is around the corner, says our calendar. And during this period a lot of steemian and even nor steemain consume large number of poultry birds in celebration of this great feast(the birth of jesus).

We @farms has decided to invest on this opportunity and join this amazing market making it readly available poultry bird for sales before the xmas period.... there is no other way to invest your cryptocurrency but invest it on agriculture, as we @farms believe that one small farm at a time, steem would feed the world.


In preparation to achieve this project, we @farms has lay down plans and goal to ensure that this is a massive success, profit gotten for this xmas sales would be used to buy steem and the initial capital would be invested again for another project.


We @farms would be working hand in hand with @ilovewriting who is also a steemian and a young student from the University of benin, the above steemit user would be managing the poultry farm for @farms, as @abiye has had a one on one meeting with him to finalize plans and strategies to ensure the massive success and large return profit.


We @farms would not be able to buy a land at this time because of the inadequate fund at hand, but the managing team as decided to rent a land for the next one year for about $40 steem.

Payment for the rented land would be made tomorrow as we are on a fixed schedule and we are trying to met up with the time set out for the completion of this project.

A total of 89sbd has been withdraw from @farms wallet and has been sold to ensure the funding of this project.... also @farms would be purchasing
Chicken (50) ---------------------------- #30,000
Three (3) month feed ----------------#120,000
Water/drugs ----------------------------#30,000

update of the process would be posted weekly, with review of our achievement and success, for the main while, i am setting out to visit the site few days from now.


  1. Profite generate would be use to purchase steem and support #scfes
  2. Encourage the use of steem as means of exchange or trading
  3. Increase publicity of @farms and @steemchurch to non steemians.

we will love to hear your view towards this development and your advice towards it

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Great initiative FARMS.


The current ground of most liquid currencies including steem and sbd isn't on the smiling side and we all should take it as an opportunity to invest on investment that we help increase our steem/ sbd. The poultry farm is an investing way of doing such and the court acknowledge that from @farms and it "ll be of individual benefit if we try making an involvement on investment of such to help build our steem/sbd. The court will run a check on this project with feedback when initiated.
keep up the work @farms

We sure will.......... that is our goal, will wont stop until we make it to the top

Christmas is coming, beautiful time to be with the family, it's good that we are already preparing for that time

We @farms thought of a better way to celebrate this great feast and has lay down plans that would be of great benefits to this community

This is a good initiative. May God bless @farms

May God bless you too sir......

It's a really good idea
It is no news that Christians consume lots of chicken during the Xmas season.
This is really a great move.

I wish I have the necessary funds to enable me start a poultry too.
I have always wanted to start one.

You could work with us, as @farms need extra hands

Oh really?
That's cool
But how do I get started??

Excellent idea, it is also valid that each member of steemchurch solicit funds through publications to gather the purchase of the land, there are many whales that are financing at this time, you can find budget of the land, it can be small to start a small farm.

Thanks for this beautiful suggestions, we @farms appreciate you.

This is a great idea, and this project needs the maxumum support it can have.

Indeed you have said it all..... thanks for the feedback

My... Oh myyyyy... @farms on the move
Weldone guyz... More grease to your elbow

Amazing feedback from you dear.... thanks for the support

Good project. The festive season is an opportunity to make profit from the sales of chicken. Welldone @farms.

We @farms thought of same ldea too and we have make our decision to invest in this opportunity

What good to know about this great initiative that will be BLESSING

excellent project, little by little @farms will grow and every day there will be wonderful projects like this one.

I wish you many successes and blessings for this new project.