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Hello steemians welcome to another beautiful day filled with hope and love, please allow me to officially welcome you to my blog where i post agricultural related articles daily. In today post i would be sharing with you the most consumed fruit globally.

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I guess a lot of fruits might have come across your mind but the number fruit on my list is Tomatoes, yes you heard my right! Tomatoes is the most consumed fruit in the world with annual production of tomatoes stands at 170.75 million metric tons, amazing right😉.


Tomatoes is an edible fruit that can either be consumed either raw or cooked, it can be used for varieties of foreign and local dishes. Not forgetting the mineral and vitamins this amazing plant possesses can not be overemphasized.

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Tomatoes can be cultivated through normal farming, but mostly through irrigation and greenhouses, i require little farm land depending on the type of farming practices.


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