My Plans For Farmr-Network. {Free Spores}

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Today I staked 1046 Farmr tokens. for those of you that dont know... Farmr tokens are allegedly going to be one of the next Steem-engine tokens with its own front end {like weedcash-network}.
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Farmr tokens are created for those in the agro {culture} business. My plan for the Farmr-network is to offer free Mushroom spores to American Farmers and Gardeners on Steemit. Of which there are many.
Here's How It Will Work

I will post a picture of some spore prints with the amount of prints available.

You Must Upvote The Post And Re-Steem To Request A Free Print.

You Must Have 500 Staked Tokens, Be A US Resident, And Own a P.O box.

First Come First Server: Comment Your P.O Box and Any name To Mail To.
Some of the Mushroom strains I will list will be rare and expensive. So the 4 steps shouldnt seem daunting. The reward will be great. Not only could you grow these mushrooms from spores and sell or eat them... But the mushroom roots are EXCELLENT for the soil! :) Stay tuned.


I also bought 5750 FARMR because I like the idea

I love this idea! You just motivated me to stake 6000 FARMR!

Hi there, i bougt just random farmr token and stacked it, just because... i dont know what ever

Wehere will you go what are your plans for the future?
Do You need help to start the projekt also in europe e.g. germany
im also in farming business

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