Dairy Farming in Kenya part 1

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You have to agree with me that success in today’s dairy industry in Kenya is volatile and somewhat evanescent. With the give way of the Kenya Cooperative Creameries K.C.C, which was the colossal monopoly in the late 1990’s, there have been efforts to refurbish the dairy sector in Kenya. This was attributed to mismanagement of the sector in Kenya. The government of Kenya, however, reclaimed the assets of this company and made it a parastatal and it is now renamed New K.C.C. The farmers in Kenya believe in the privatization.


Domestically, the dairy farmers in Kenya are competing in virtually all aspects of the production process. Though there have been headlines that portend the demise or an incoming storm in this very vital industry, new companies in Kenya continue to come up. People in Kenya continue to consume dairy products due to the dietary benefits that one derives. However others, especially the poor, forego this nutrient packed product due to the high prices of the dairy products in Kenya. Farmers in Kenya are not remunerated as they ought to be.

There’s legitimate cause for concern.Countless organizations in Kenya intended to coordinate the small scale dairy industry in Kenya, and to make use of the milk rich areas in the country. The value chain contains key players namely the input suppliers (farmers), the feed manufacturers in Kenya who on this case provide the feeds and mineral supplements. They are registered an umbrella body called the Feed Manufacturers Association in Kenya. Next on the value chain is the cooperative unions in Kenya which consolidate all the milk collected from the farmers into one central point. They then sell their milk to processors like K.C.C or Brookside dairy’s in Kenya who are registered under the Dairy Processors Association. Their core purpose is to offer large scale storage amenities. They are also involved in packaging the milk and processing it into finished products namely cheese, yogurt, packed milk, milk powder, ghee among others in Kenya.

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