Far Horizons Steem - PAYOUT REPORT - game-1526338556 For turn 81 - 0.075 PLAYER POOL REWARD

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Far Horizons Steem - PAYOUT REPORT - For Turn 81

(Image courtesy of NASA's "Astronomy Picture of the Day")

Participating Players

@muksihs @pupmisfit

Attention Players

Reminder: To be in the participation reward pool, you must both up vote the paying turn post and submit your game orders before the deadline. The participation pool is calculated on a per turn basis after each payout is received. Rewards are directly proportional to your vote's value! No votes means no payouts!

Want to join in to play and earn rewards?

Reply to this post asking the gamemaster to start a new game. Players can only join at the start of a new game.

Paying turn: far-horizons-steem-start-of-turn-81-for-game-1526338556

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