FAQ; If I Believe in the Long-Term Success of STEEMIT What is the Appropriate Amount of Money to Invest in STEEM now?

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Ok so I am a firm believer that this platform and STEEMIT as a whole will become a big deal.  I got my account last September and checked in fairly irregularly, trying to post when I had something of value to say and reply when I felt like I had something worth adding.  My reputation score is a 48 and I have an account worth ~$140 right now.  I have bought STEEM in the past, mostly using up any prepaid gift card balance I had (I use them for online purchases and in-store purchases instead of carrying cash or my debit card (dangerous card).  But now trying to learn and "master" the workings of STEEMIT I find myself with a lot of questions some of which I have previously asked under FAQ.  To those users who have been successful, having blog posts worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars how do I get there?  I see many approaches but don't know enough to figure out how to make upvotes worth more.  Should Infocusnon just making content and replying to popular and trending threads and STEEMIANS?  Should I buy more STEEM and PowerUp?  Should I do both and also how do I increase my reputation score?  If I was to buy into STEEM how much is a safe amount considering I have less than 50 followers and a reputation of 48?  Would you suggest a regular weekly purchase of $20 worth of STEEM as a safe and restrained approach or should I be loading up now before STEEM hit $5 each?  I do think STEEM will be valuable so I suppose either way is a step in the right direction but ai struggle with not wanting to invest a lot of money if I can't generate SP and STEEM through posting blogs and soon, vlogs.  As a former Marine I am focusing in on my "brand" and the direction I want I take my account in while still being person with many opinions and a point-of-view politically, religiously, financially and in other areas.  Not only am I a Veteran with weapons training and combat and survival knowledge/expertise but am also a Nurse, a Dad, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter (competidor) and triathlete with a College Record in Cross Country Running.  So there are so many areas in which ai can blog about and not become a one-trick pony.  But my main point is, at this point in STEEMIT's development where should I be investing my time and money and how should I do so?  I have tried promoting blog posts before but didn't notice an advantage for me and still struggle with simple things like posting s picture with my blog.  For the sake of brevity I will end the post here but very much hope to get the feedback of more experienced STEEMIANS.  I know with time and effort I can be successful but don't want to botch the approach and end up wasting more time than money.  If money will help get me higher blog value than I will do so.  If blogging will get my reputation up than I will do that too.  If so should be buying in and blogging every day and commenting many times a day I can do that.  I want STEEMIT to be mine, my own piece of the landscape, and I am confident in my ability to provide quality content.  I think Injust need a mentor, a few good pieces of advice to get me started and not wasting time or money in areas that will hit improve my account long-term and start to see changes in the short term.  Thank you for reading and I hope this helps others out there like me, trying to find our way in this Steemy jungle 🤓

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I really can't give you an intelligent opinion regarding purchasing steem but the $20/week plan sounds pretty solid/safe.

In regards to creating content I think perhaps if you were to carve yourself a niche' in maybe 2 or 3 subjects at the most that you may well find a solid following within those subjects.

I would also suggest following plenty of others and reading these posts and comment when you have something meaningful to add- even if it's a question- there's lots of interesting stuff written here- and Steemians, I believe, are of above average IQ so there's lots of good content. I hope that helps!

Don't invest more than you can lose.
I just read someone in the Poloniex Troll box crying about "That's my family's money!" talking about a wipeout loss. Don't be that guy.
Post as much as you can. Put in some pictures to break up the paragraphs.
Use some paragraphs. People take in information in chunks and are overwhelmed by long articles without breaks.

Go out and take some pictures.
Post and mostly have fun.


Great advice. After reading one of my posts I thought I really need to chunk this up a bit and get back to elementary grammar. Too many long sentences and I definitely need to insert more pictures. Amd as for the poor guy who lost it all on STEEM how did he lose anything? STEEM has only gone up since it began unless you are a...naive "investor" and bpught when it peaked and sold lower than he bought it at. Like my Dad says you only make money in the market when you sell for more than you bought at and you only lose money when you sell for lower than you paid. Family money? That is silly. Some people think they will be kicking themselves for not getting a highly unlikely (statistically) 20X gain when in reality you should never take money away from vital life costs. Only use money you can lose and not have a financial crisis. Some need to learn it the hard way. I learned it when I made money buying First Solar and RIM back in the day and made money and then lost money buying a company that seemed too good to be true, which it always is...except STEEMIT.