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Ok so as an early adopter to STEEMIT I am still trying to hone my writing skills and work on my so-called branding. One of the things I have noticed is quite often my posts, with much hard work and editing involved, are looked over and passed over and the posts with pictures and/videos have much, much higher viewers and upvotes and followers. As someone who is trying to get his/her following up what is the easiest way to add a picture into a post so that it is seen in the NEW post column? I am working mostly from my iPhone and iPad and have posted through the website via Safari and through eSTEEM. Thank you and if this post is helpful to you or others please upvote and FOLLOW as my FUTURE posts will be covering topics such as Politics, Cryptocurrencies, STEEM, Silver and other Precious Metals, Nursing and Healthcare and the news of the day and perhaps some random topics I have been thinking about as a former Marine Corps Veteran. Let's support fellow STEEMIANS and UPVOTE, FOLLOW & REPOST! Thank you.

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all takes time and loooooots of patience :)

I just started in February, I had no knowledge of this platform. I've learned along the way, you can too. The people here will help you and direct you to where help can be found. This is an amazing community.
Good luck as you gain followers and steem on!!