Fantasy Sport: Scorum Drafts

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This is actually the very first time I've read about Fantasy Sports anywhere on the internet. At first, I thought these could be games about Elves and Orcs (haha) playing some kind of sport, that's why it was named that. I was all wrong about that though.

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Scorum gave me more info about that term just now. I noticed the word "Fantasy" on the tags here on the website as well.

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As I was navigating through the site. I clicked on a Purple Shirt Icon that says DFS on it and it brought me to another Scorum website.

I scrolled further down onto the site to learn more about it because I am quite intrigued about this thing.

So basically, Fantasy Sport is a virtual game played between real players, and you only need 4 steps for it.

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We're able to use Scorum Coins (SCRs) to play on Scorum's Fantasy Sport Platform.

I wasn't able to try it out just yet because there are currently no available games on it. I'll be checking further about this and checking the site out from time to time.

For the meantime, we have to hold our horses and just wait. Are you also excited about this? Does anyone have further information on how the actual games will play out?

Thanks for reading! Till my next post!

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