2 booster packs! - Guess Who Wins the Monster Battle between @coruscate and @littlescribe!

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Come Watch the exclusive match LIVE, and Get two free Boosterpacks if you guess who wins!

2:30 pm MST
4:30 pm EST
8:30 pm UTC


Rules for the Contest:

@yabapmatt did not pull from our actual decks. He set up maxed out cards for us to play against each other. So go hog wild on your predictions guys. No holds barred!

  • Guess the summoner each of us use
  • Guess who wins the battle
  • Post your guess down below in the comments
  • Attend the LIVE show tomorrow (or watch it afterward if you cannot make it to the show)

Winner gets 2 booster packs!!!



Countdown Link

Dlive Link

Discord Link


Come Check out the Steem Monsters Fan Fiction Show

Steem Monster Show latest episode

@yabapmatt discusses gameplay!

LIVE Video: Dlive.io/@littlescribe


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Oh boy! First battle! I guess Fire (Malric Inferno) and Earth (Lyanna Natura) elementals. I predict that the fire elemental will win. Hoping to win some booster packs!