Why Plant Papaya? this is the reason for a farmer

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I Today, on 02/01/2019, I visited one of the villages, namely the village of Blang Pha. I met a resident of the village. why do you plant papaya instead of others? Mahdi stated the reason why he planted papaya, we planted papaya because we saw a good opportunity for farmers like us. Papaya is very interested in the market and the benefits for health are very good, these are some of the benefits of papaya for health:

  • Can make bones healthy
  • Very Good For Diabetics
  • Can Overcome Heart Disease
  • Papaya Can Also Reduce Weight
  • Very good for treating cysts

So from the many benefits, we plant papaya. of course there are also many benefits, of course the price will also increase. I have planted papaya since 10 years ago. seeing planting papaya there is a good business opportunity to cover the economic needs of our family. that's the story of one of the residents of Blang Pha Mahdi. continued enthusiasm for all farmers.

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