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When your child is yanked away from you.
When your child is taken to where he is not supposed to be.
When your suffering of nine months is about to be stolen away.
@familyprotection is here for you.

The poor boy slips and falls.
His left knee is broken in the process.
You want the best for him so you rush him to the hospital.
The Doctor looks at you with an evil eye and calls CPS
@familyprotection is here for you.

CPS arrives in less than an hour.
The look on their face shows that they are not on your side.
They look mad and act rude
@familyprotection is here for you.

They engage you in series of questioning.
They visit your home to look for incriminating materials.
They stalk you when you least expect it.
@familyprotection is here for you.

They treaten and threaten you again.
They give you an option to choose your child or your spouse.
They accuse you and make you cry
@familyprotection is here for you.

They keep visiting.
Questions and more questions.
You are slowly losing your child to them.
@familyprotection is here for you.

Are you looking for a way to be heard?
Do you want the world to hear your story.
Do you want the world to know your pain?
Do you want the world to know what CPS has to done to you.
Then share your story, #familyprotection is here for you..


Lool, @Canadian-coconut flagged you! My dear this isn't stach, steemgigs or steemjet, follow @markwhittam and @Canadian-coconut to understand the genuine concept of @family protection vision, and you might get upvoted on your next post, until then, think of something or positive ways to promote the movement.

Have a nice day.

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