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This comission caused much outrage when it was limited in decisions and actions, but now a new law is going to free its hands!

The comission on minor affairs celebrates anniversary this year in Russia, it was founded 100 years ago. The Black day...And a new law seems to be a great gift for it...

On June 28, a new law was signed.

Officially it must "prevent neglect and juvenile delinquency", but in fact it means much more, it's real expansion of the competence of this Comission that will be able to influence parents and intervene in the affairs of families!

The officils statistics says that every year the Comission on minor affairs brings to administrative responsibility for "failure to perform or improper performance" of the duties of upbringing about 500,000 of parents!

300,000 are deprived of parental rights every year!

If all these cases were fair and clear - no questions, but the practice shows that many of them are just outrage.

The representatives of the commission on minor affairs have inadequate criteria for the recognition of parents as socially dangerous, taken just from the European countries with the cruelest system of family control.

The main problem is legal illiteracy of the overwhelming majority of members of this Commission! It can include anybody!! There are no requirements for their age, education, status or experience in such activities.

How is it possible?? Serious and complex legal cases against parents are being observed by peeople even without special education?? So, a baker can decide who is a good mother, and who is not?!

That's why the practice shows shocking data:

The rights of parents are often violated

After the signal about alleged "bad family", the Commission often makes decisions without notifying the parents, without using mandatory protocols, depriving the parents of the right to protection. It doesn't explain the procedural rights of the participants of the process, prevents audio recordings of meetings and so on.

The reasons of deprivation of parental rights are often far-fetched.

Where and for what they take kids away from parents isn't a secret for all people who study this theme. Profitприable adoption and benefits from new "orphans" are attractive and magnetic for all money-hunters.

Once the Commission tried to take a kid away because "the mother does not interact with the school, does not attend parental meetings, and in the presence of her son, she spoke negatively about the teachers of the school".

Seriously? Is it a reason for taking children away?!
That time the court protected the family, but how much time was lost, and how long the mother was treated from a neurosis and depression...

if a baby is left with relatives for some time, it's also a reason for the Comission to interfere.

Such cases are stopped by the Court as a rule, but if a new law gives full freedom to its decisions, so the Court won't be so powerful any more.

The adopted law is the next brick in the construction of the juvenile justice system in Russia and is extremely dangerous for the institution of the family.

Now the society is "boling" from numerous protests against this law.

Activists call all parents to show their indignation and send letters to the Parliament.

There are some cases when it really works!

For example, some days ago under public pressure, the law about Gender mainstreaming and gender equality in Russia was finally rejected.

It was discussed for a long time, but the society showed its agression and protests to it at once. It helped!

So cross fingers that this very law about unlimited power of the Commission on minor affairs will be in the gabage very soon as well....

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" Profitable adoption and benefits from new "orphans" are attractive and magnetic for all money-hunters."
Praying that this law will soon be in the trash. This is unacceptable.


thank YOU, Friends!

People who work in these organizations are usually losers. People who are obsessed with judging others but have lack of good relationships or success in their own lives.


yes, there's smth in your words...
not all people would be able to work there

Seriously? Is it a reason for taking children away?!

It's all abut the state trying to destroy the family unit.
It's their last barrier to one world government. (over a generation)

They can't compete with the family, so must destroy it so as to make the state the parent..

Excellent article. I really liked it. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Мне очень понравилось. Удачи Вам и Любви